Love vs hate, Old vs Young, Art as Revolution

The following post was written by my wife amy & myself for a newspaper we printed for fest we put together called, what the fuck fest which you can find out more about here: I stumbled upon this looking for something else and thought I’d post it here, after a week of frustration watching […]

Matt Dwyer & Kelly Rose road trip comes to me!!

My old friend matt dwyer, his better half kelly rose and, their fur-kids charlie and jack, took their podcast on the road and our home was one of the stops. Matt is a friend of mine from the town I spent the ages 8 thru 16, matt and I bonded over being bullied and art, […]

new print 4 sale – christians beware!

most of the time when I make stuff some call art, I make it and then try and figure out what it meant to me or what my intent was, what was the spark nd drove me to create it? as I’ve sat and stared at this print, I traced the motivation to the constant […]

CLUB SATAN makes the cut – Heavy Metal Movies review…

“Club Satan boils over, stickily, with the very definition of the term, god-damned!” – Mike McPadden/Heavy Metal Movies My film CLUB SATAN: THE WITCHES SABBATH is featured in the new and huge book Heavy Metal Movies by Mike McPadden… I’m so stoked and honored! Really, the write-up is a stellar review of my film and, […]

the hope that christianity never dies… nergal of extreme metal band behemoth talks the religion of doubt

negal of extreme metal band behemoth talks about his hope that christianity never dies… this is the second video… for part one, go here: for the full audio and photos, go here: negral is a fascinating artist/musician… my love of his art has grown over the years, it seems to coincide with the […]

AUDIO: behemoth’s nergal talks art, communism and satan

this was recorded in seattle at the last show of behemoth’s u.s. tour. it was a pleasure speaking with nergal of the metal band behemoth… he is smart and honest, this makes for a doubly great talk. we spoke of many things, all listed below, but he most impressed me with his understanding and take […]


made with: the ‘clay’, plastic halloween tomb stone, a piece of polished granite stone, a broken snow white lamp, a plastic heart, sea shells, wire and plastic flowers and satans butthole. size: story: yes, it’s true, you can leave your heart in san francisco, but when I visit that hear a piece is gone… bob […]

ART: the bear eats the self-destructive demon within.

made with: the ‘clay’, rock from sacred fishing stream, bear skull, pewter bear bank, glass eyes, piece of steel belt from an indian reservation, AA coin, broken bear salt shaker, smashed angel head with demon within, smashed bear bank, busted up cigar box from indian rez, box from dead alcoholic. size: aprox. 8x10x10 the story: […]

WORDS: perverse only see perversion

the counter culture at times, is at war with the mainstream and merely a reflection of the perversions some see… most of the time, the counter culture is simply asserting it’s animalistic rights to be a hedonistic heathen and left alone. to play with those of a like mind but individual bent… the shocked reaction […]

AUDIO/VIDEO: love and satan and nazis and black metal

included here you’ll find two videos and the full audio from the interview I did with DAGON lead singer and guitarplayr with the black metal band Inquisition. This interview was done on May 3rd in Seattle at the last stop of the Behemoth tour, a tour Inquisition was asked to play by the band Behemoth […]

a tawkers talk with rick shapiro…

rick shapiro, artist, philosopher and comedian invited me to tawk on his tawlkers channel… we spoke art, life, and pie. it fun, provocative and quite possibly evolutionary… we may have just come up with a solution to all the worlds ills… don’t laugh, it’s quite possible. I know I have the answers to life itself… […]