politics and elections and politics… when am I gonna learn? as I think about the reason why I put myself thru mainstream politics, it seems to be a very masochistic sport and that don’t play with me… I mean, not unless we’re all in a room naked and ready for fun and consequence, will I […]

self destruction as art on display…

recently I put together a life sculpture or, as most would know it, an art installation. the subject was self destruction, my self destruction. I dig the idea of all fun taken too far might bring about pain… and this is what happened to me. what started out as a fun destruction turned into a […]


VOTE WITH YOUR WALLETS, RIGHT HERE! well, you’ll have to head over to … more specifically, hit the direct link: this was an idea that came about after bernie sanders lost the democratic primary. I’m still heart sick over bernie… but I will not throw a vote in anger… I decided to start voting after a […]

13 ouija boards of the black magic, deep sexual healing kind…

meet the first bugbee black magic board… I WANT YOU TO WANT ME… A CHEAP TRICK. the history of this project is long. years long. what started as a brief promotional thought during the filming of club satan, was quickly forgotten… until my pal chris proven, a master carpenter approached me to do a ouija […]

Black Magic bongs – 2009

title: Black Magic bongs artist: Shane Bugbee price: NFS made with: the clay, bottle, beads size: story: put these together back in 2009… it was an experiment using ‘the clay’ to break and put back together a bottles… as I did it, I decided to make bongs. it was the memory from a high school […]


The lack of regular updates here doesn’t mean I haven’t been working and making… Over the last year, Ive made over 2 dozen patches and pins happen… all while putting together yet another website, this one is a store… a place I can start making some of the stuff I sell available to all and […]

Cheyenne saved my life.

Today is the anniversary of the death my dear friend Cheyenne. It is the third anniversary. Today I feel ok. When she passed, I was spun into a world of despair… The sadness I thought would pass in a few days. It went on for over two years. A sadness that was so bad I […]


these are some of the notes I take as my days roll on… sometimes these become blogs or individual posts… I think I like the way this stream of thought flows… so, I think I’m going to continue this thru-out the next year and see where it goes… I imagine presenting this in a future […]


I have this idea of being MORE greedy. take trees for instance… I like them, they are aesthetically pleasing and you can really build cool shit with them and they are an essential part of life… so, BE MORE GREEDY and grow hemp and hold back the use of wood for beauty and air… I […]

we seldom fight for the right of the mind.

This was inspired by the recent and continued redefining of free speech on american collage campuses across america. I started writing this PRIOR to the paris attacks. I find most free speech “issues” come from generation gaps and class gaps and gender gaps and a general IGNORANCE of the other side, that turns to FEAR, […]

france. a vote for the future… now.

france. zealots! the culture war rages! the war on speech and free thought rages… and… as I think and think and think some more on this, I keep coming back to Ian MacKaye and an interview I did with him… the question might not seem like it adds up to anything to do with the […]

and the gentrified became the new black.

when I lived in chicago, the acts of visible violence declined as the bus drove north… but they were still there, just less… off the top of my head, I recall far north, nice, clean, seemed like the sun came out just for this area… and a fella ran up and threw a brick at […]