SEE the portland art show, here, now…

This art will show in portland for the entire month of October at: AFRU GALLERY – I’ll be at the gallery this friday, for the first friday art walk… if you can’t make it, here’s what you are missing. If you’d like to purchase one of these pieces – contact me or the gallery. […]


so, I thought I’d show off a weekend of notes… I make these sort of notes all the time. most don’t hit the web… anyway, I thought you might like to see some of the process. I also like what is written here, this was the weekend I was in the ER with gout… I […]

Black Metal/Black Magic Home Blessing Cross

title: Black Metal/Black Magic Home Blessing Cross artist: Shane Bugbee price: $1300. (paypal link below.) made with: Used Last Rites crucifix, dead catho-lick priests grave dirt, black candles made of goat fat and fire. size: story: This cross represents a blessing for some and a curse for others. The idea behind this and a lot […]

Brothers of the Depressed and sometimes Suicidal Cloth… and interview with Tad Doyle, wife Peg Doyle and friend and band mate Dave French

I do feel like a brother of the grey and rainy Pacific Northwest cloth… Hung out and bothered @pegadeth & @sonicbrethren with my love @amy_bugbee audio and video soon! #tad #brothersofthesoniccloth #metal #heavymetal #amazing A photo posted by Shane Bugbee (@shanebugbee) on Mar 15, 2015 at 3:38pm PDT Tad Doyle is beyond an artistic genius. […]

knowledge is obsolete – wisdom is forever.

yogi bear’s death and the fun making over his use of language, in and by the media, and by over-socialized intellectuals, illustrates the need of the lower classes to speak for themselves in all of their illiterate glory… the socialized intellectual has gone from trying to understand, observing and reporting to, making fun of and […]

bullets make a nice bone bowl.

this piece, one of my first… I post it tonight because I’ve found it was not listed on my site AND… I’m going to show some of my work for an art show in portland. now, I have many many new works, I invite any interested to check out the sculpture section of this here […]

my hate and your want of cultural eugenics

I have packed each of the 13 buckets with extreme care. I packed this bucket to survive the tsunami I’m under constant threat of, living here on the oregon coast of the united states of america… the mike hunt bucket of hate also represents the “end-times” paranoia and wanting a portion of my DNA, my […]

church burning and the last white Nina Simone*

  Such a weird time in my life, and in the world… A very emotional time.   For me, it’s a time of explanation… Something I’ve been against, often.   Especially when it feels forced or is an explanation about art and expressions of an abstract, surreal or complex nature… I guess it usually depends […]

Faggot love and gay marriage.

To any and all that are into or down with the work I do or have done for close to 30 years… to those in the deep and dark underground art movements, the astetic terrorists and those who fancy themselves “outlaw” and “underground”. I most likely wouldn’t exist without the support of the gay community. […]


I’ve found that there is a couple of decent tie ins as far as school shootings and youthful mass murder. First, the elimination and lack of funding for art programs and second, the rise in politically correct attitudes over speech and expression. I guess I was lucky, I might be of the last generation that […]

no-class, low-class, class clown war.

you can’t talk about a class war if you’ve had the privilege of class. well, you can. but not for the under class. we have no class… we don’t get to go to class.   you go to class because you came from a class that got the pass.   leave the low class and […]

today it’s been two years…

I think of you each and every day. I can hardly function when I do. well, I wish hard… if wishing were a function or action. I guess I think of you and wish so hard I feel like I need a nap. oh I miss our naps. and walks and talks. oh we had […]

GOONIE is just another word for MISFIT!

This here GOONIE stuff is what I’ve been busy on for the last couple of months… it was an exhausting exercise of patience and determination and one I feel pretty lucky to have been asked to help out with.   this was not an easy project… and one that now has sad personal feelings attached to […]