The lack of regular updates here doesn’t mean I haven’t been working and making… Over the last year, Ive made over 2 dozen patches and pins happen… all while putting together yet another website, this one is a store… a place I can start making some of the stuff I sell available to all and […]

Cheyenne saved my life.

Today is the anniversary of the death my dear friend Cheyenne. It is the third anniversary. Today I feel ok. When she passed, I was spun into a world of despair… The sadness I thought would pass in a few days. It went on for over two years. A sadness that was so bad I […]


these are some of the notes I take as my days roll on… sometimes these become blogs or individual posts… I think I like the way this stream of thought flows… so, I think I’m going to continue this thru-out the next year and see where it goes… I imagine presenting this in a future […]


I have this idea of being MORE greedy. take trees for instance… I like them, they are aesthetically pleasing and you can really build cool shit with them and they are an essential part of life… so, BE MORE GREEDY and grow hemp and hold back the use of wood for beauty and air… I […]

we seldom fight for the right of the mind.

This was inspired by the recent and continued redefining of free speech on american collage campuses across america. I started writing this PRIOR to the paris attacks. I find most free speech “issues” come from generation gaps and class gaps and gender gaps and a general IGNORANCE of the other side, that turns to FEAR, […]

france. a vote for the future… now.

france. zealots! the culture war rages! the war on speech and free thought rages… and… as I think and think and think some more on this, I keep coming back to Ian MacKaye and an interview I did with him… the question might not seem like it adds up to anything to do with the […]

and the gentrified became the new black.

when I lived in chicago, the acts of visible violence declined as the bus drove north… but they were still there, just less… off the top of my head, I recall far north, nice, clean, seemed like the sun came out just for this area… and a fella ran up and threw a brick at […]

SEE the portland art show, here, now…

This art will show in portland for the entire month of October at: AFRU GALLERY – I’ll be at the gallery this friday, for the first friday art walk… if you can’t make it, here’s what you are missing.   If you’d like to purchase one of these pieces – contact me or the gallery. […]


so, I thought I’d show off a weekend of notes… I make these sort of notes all the time. most don’t hit the web… anyway, I thought you might like to see some of the process. I also like what is written here, this was the weekend I was in the ER with gout… I […]

Black Metal/Black Magic Home Blessing Cross

title: Black Metal/Black Magic Home Blessing Cross artist: Shane Bugbee price: $1300. (paypal link below.) made with: Used Last Rites crucifix, dead catho-lick priests grave dirt, black candles made of goat fat and fire. size: story: This cross represents a blessing for some and a curse for others. The idea behind this and a lot […]

Brothers of the Depressed and sometimes Suicidal Cloth… and interview with Tad Doyle, wife Peg Doyle and friend and band mate Dave French

I do feel like a brother of the grey and rainy Pacific Northwest cloth… Hung out and bothered @pegadeth & @sonicbrethren with my love @amy_bugbee audio and video soon! #tad #brothersofthesoniccloth #metal #heavymetal #amazing A photo posted by Shane Bugbee (@shanebugbee) on Mar 15, 2015 at 3:38pm PDT Tad Doyle is beyond an artistic genius. […]

knowledge is obsolete – wisdom is forever.

yogi bear’s death and the fun making over his use of language, in and by the media, and by over-socialized intellectuals, illustrates the need of the lower classes to speak for themselves in all of their illiterate glory… the socialized intellectual has gone from trying to understand, observing and reporting to, making fun of and […]