Be more greedy…

Don’t pay enough, you create a slave who wants to stick a knife in your throat. Pay just enough and you create a survivor, too worn out to give a fuck. Pay more than enough, you create a warrior who will live and die for and by your shared success. Be more greedy. You give […]

the standing pig snake

And the aliens needed to scan and process data faster so they gave the standing pig snakes the internet and scan they did. the standing pig snake was also responsible to create the fuel the aliens would use to travel light years to the next orb of info. that fuel was created thru shit and […]

the minds eats itself.

when I’m myself, many run for cover. when I try to fit in, I run for cover. the few who like the me, me – are so comfortable in their skin, with who they are. the few who like the me, me – inspire me to cary on. those who promote the you, you… the […]

jobs dictate the entirety of ones life

jobs dictate the entirety of ones life so a vacation is nothing more then a compassionate release from prison for a deathbed visit… the death in the bed being your life.
 I’m saying “jobs” and “careers” as they exist in this society, in this moment amount to slavery… for 98% of those working. love your […]

conversations with matt dwyer conversates with me

matt dwyer is an accomplished comedian, writer and podcaster… he has toured the country opening up for david koechner, he is a second city alum… he is also a childhood pal of mine. we were bullied and were fantasized, could be, school shooters, before school shooting was cool. Here is a link to matts blog […]

my dear amy – 18 years of friendship

we are friends first. we are not married in the religious sense. We are married in an animalistic and realistic and Individualistic and ritualistic love sense. we encourage each other creatively. we did not get married because we were thru having fun. We did get married sworn to fun and the pursuit of pleasure. we […]

NEW website and NEW edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT!

I’ve decided to try my hand again at publishing stuff to sell and for you to buy… I’m talking publishing hard and physical items and not just the digital items I publish day in and day out. Publishing physical items like books are usually fueled by passion, not profit, and because the digital publishing age […]

I co-host the wow and flutter show with william ham.

I co-host the wow and flutter show with william ham… by co-host I mean tell stories about me, argue about my philosophical understandings, play songs I like and mr. ham asks me questions about me… really, what more could I ask for? great show! we talk halloween, satan, analingus, the beetles, john lennon, looking back and […]

oh lord, with thy blessing… let this house be blessed – ART

made with: the ‘clay’, rope from a shipwreck, metal pins from a lutheran sunday school teacher, wooden decorative plate from a dead nuns home, a bell from a tibetan monk…. curses and blessing written in fire with my pyrography wood burning pen. size: aprox. 13″ in diameter the story: one of the thrift stores that […]

art whore cult interviews me

this interview that I did with ARTWHORECULT was a huge honor… I was honored because the guy behind it, Josh Griffiths loves what he does and does it well, these are some of the best questions I’ve ever been asked and show ART WHORE CULTS Josh’s love and dedication to what he does… he really […]

Love vs hate, Old vs Young, Art as Revolution

The following post was written by my wife amy & myself for a newspaper we printed for fest we put together called, what the fuck fest which you can find out more about here: I stumbled upon this looking for something else and thought I’d post it here, after a week of frustration watching […]