do jews run the media – with jay b. ross


mr. ross has an amazing history. he’s a chicago legend and a person who has saved many an artists ass. he’s even helped me and my vile publications and over the top events here and there over the years.

maybe ten years ago, probably more like 15 years ago I brought this question up to jay, the question about jews and the media and the conspiracy that they run the show. the answer has always stuck in my head.

after interviewing and working with some white supremacists on a book (might is right) that not only had they embraced, but so had the founder of the church of satan, a known jew, I had heard every angle of the race debate and one day decided to ask jay, a person you can ask about anything, if the jews in fact ran the media – I was so shocked at his reply… mainly because so many non-jewish folk had argued that this was conspiracy, that there was no way, they would cite examples, but all of the arguments excluded the the history… jay knows the history – he’s an entertainment lawyer and lives, sleeps, and breathes the entertainment business.

it was nice seeing jay again as I passed thru my old chicago stomping grounds. it was equally as nice to get this wisdom on video, on the net, for you and me alike.

you can find jay here:

video shot with iOgrapher for the ipad and ipad mini!

here’s the full audio from the footage I shot as a podcast:


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