AUDIO: this is mania! radio show 1 through 23

this is mania! is just what the title implies… mania, no direction, a conversation, not a debate and seldom an interview and never a direction, chaos and/or a natural conversation with some and others, sometimes a conversation with the self, this self. I play some music too!

I originally started doing this show for a pirate radio station in austin texas, maybe the greatest of all pirate radio stations ever… kaos radio!!! this was in 2010 while I lived on a beach and worked on the book and film (a booovie), the suffering and celebration of life in america.

when I started this show I was stumped on the editing of the film and book, with so much material collected on our over a year long road-trip/project it wasn’t easy for me, a self trained and taught person, this is mania! served as a much needed break and as you’ll hear in the progression of the show it helped me regain focus. the last few shows are all suffering and celebration of life in america.

someday I might re-start this show, I really like the natural conversation and the variety of folks I ended up chatting with… I love it most because it’s as close as one can get to documenting a moment without perverting the moment with a camera and I do like to document those few, pure moments us humans are lucky to have.

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this is mania! #1 – dave archer

show #1 – this is one of my favorite all time radio shows I’ve done, I didn’t like it when it came out, I didn’t not like it either, but listening to it so I might tell you what it is, I find myself satisfied as this is what I wanted the show to sound like, this show makes me think that maybe I could start up my radio show again… I talk with tesla coil artist dave archer, we talk art, the art school fraud, dave’s death wish, mania, humanity, murder, wanting to kill, syphilis, bootlegging, betty page, dave’s art appearing in star trek, gurdjieff, class war, plastic, and his old best pal, janis joplin, lemon bars, amy’s vanilla, the lone ranger and dave plays the monkey grinder and sings songs he wrote.


this is mania! #2 – ian mackaye

show #2 – the show starts with the wife and I getting drunk in the beach shack, on the beach, with my neighbors, my young 21 year old neighbors… we talk the word cunt, cock-sucker and slang cut-lows we call others when mad. I play a LOT of fugazi on this show and for good reason, the next part of the show is an interview amy & I did with ian mackaye, the third part of the show is chicago artist shane swank, an old pal and mentor I went to visit all the way to BFI wisconsin, swank & I talks about the film I made, the suffering and celebration of life in america as we eat steak, we discuss black metal.


this is mania! #3 – host shane bugbee

show #3 – I’m still trying to figure out the format of the show, the concept. this show I talk to myself and ultimately to you… I just cary around the recorder and talk during whatever it is I’m doing… this show is full of great music. recliner talk, shipping a 3 foot, 67lb viking funerary hammer, life living on a beach, the high cost of death, some of my small town witch burning paranoia comes out, I talk about the sculptures I’m making and how I make them, how my nut sack smells different as I get old and I walk you thru my sandwich sculpture.


this is mania! #4 – larkin stentz

show#4 – SEGMENT 1: hanging out with local farmer and artist, larkin stentz and some of his woofers, we talk food waste in vegas and traveling, chicago, the midwest being the new south, detroit gardening, art representing the area. SEGMENT 1: I talk to amy, my wife about not relating to the youth and young gals and how far they can push things… how records are made, samhain, I play a lot of monkees, head scarf day, the god particle, the cern collider, philosophical babbling, alien talk, amy’s fathers memorial, amy’s plastic factory experience, and more of amy & I hanging out and gabbing as we like do as much as possible.


this is mania! #5 – john g. peeler

show#5 -I hang out all night and into the early morning with john g. peeler, former fbi, batf, dea, undercover federal agent and a guy who admits to framing and even assassinating witnesses, we talk his involvement with timothy mcveigh, the oklahoma bombing, the branch davidian fire bombing, how to get a gig as an undercover agent and why he would turned, torturing witnesses, president clinton at sex parties high on cocaine sodomizing an under 18 year old young man, conspiracy, the kkk, the patriot act, mk ultra, the turner diaries, mara leveritt, west memphis three, wm3, mike huckabee, john’s son being framed for murder as revenge to his turning on the government officials he’s turned on.


this is mania! #6 – more john g. peeler & my nephew tyler

show#6 – walking around the beach with amy as sparrows dive bomb us and I fall in love with the sparrow, my homeless brother, second segment we hang out in the beach shack with one of a out favorite neighbors, corina! we talk retarded children and aspergers kids surviving in the wild. SEGMENT 2: I hang out, for the last time with my nephew, tyler, I sure do miss him and it makes me deeply sad that I was pushed away from the boy because of philosophical differences, I snuck and surprise met him on the beach 5 miles from my house. he was in the area visiting the family of his step father… we talk art and what art is all the time making art in the sand. SEGMENT 3: more john g. peeler and we hear his presidential prediction and johns mental health, his downfall, his heartbreak, the feelings behind him turning on the government, the new world order, murder and money collectors and how to get away with it, the details of his sons murder charge, more on the kid john says clinton fucked.


this is mania! #7 – dave densmore

show#7 – I talk with fisher poet dave densmore about everything, the world, the real, the fake, might is right, rights, arts, predator and prey, real pirates, solitary expression, inspiration and the poetic process, poetry, getting it and what is “it” to get, religion and the grey area of belief, daves genetic make up, watching friends die at sea, surviving a shipwreck on the bearing sea, living under martial law and the coats guard of yesterday and today, what it takes to survive as a fisherman, the best part of being a fisherman, pacific gyre garbage patch, the meaning of life, bureau of commercial fisheries, farm fish vs. wild caught fish, losers and helping the lost, getting back to nature, art and the animal, pain and healing, hard life, included is a recording of dave’s poems – another one down, lights, and, that is living, from the annual fisher poets gathering.


this is mania! #8 – fisher poets gathering

show#8 – more poems and stories from the 13th annual the fisher poets gathering, featuring poets who are fisherman and fisher woman, this starts off with moe bowstern, geno leech, mary garvey sings, smithy, some I do not know their names. we talk to dave densmore again, we talk to dave about the fisher poets gathering and the poetic expression spreading to other blue collar trades and the negative issues of the commercial fisherman… a cowboy poet tells his poetic tale, more dave reading poems live at the gathering, we interview the cowboy poet, more mary garvey songs, nancy cook, steven schoonmaker, rob seize, a great story with a female point of view regarding working on a boat, a brief interview with moe bowstern and then a live story and reading from moe, a story of a near death at sea,

I’m bummed I don’t have everyone’s name but this show is more about the gathering than any one poet… still feel bad I’m missing some names, I’ll try and fix that.


this is mania! #9 – olive rootbeer, dingo dizmal & lonnie d. wages

show#9 – lonnie d. wages gives us his best, lonnie is a good pal, a very welcoming and kind and evil soul… he is one of the folks that made us feel welcome in the pacific northwest, what a history lonnie has had, he’s worked for willie nelson, medial marijuana farms and is a pussy magnet… lonnie and I have had some great times and I’ve learned a lot from lonnie… we talk mickey newbury, new orleans, cheyenne is there and man o man do I miss her, how we found our turtle, we walk the beach and talk beach living, lonnies gal pal joins us, I forgot her name, but you’ll hear her in this recording. SEGMENT 2: we talk to performers of the highest degree, olive rootbeer and dingo dizmal, about constipation, IBS and eating right, smoking weed with 16 year olds, dingo and olive had some preforming partners with them, another recording where I didn’t get everyones name, but, you’ll hear them in the mix too, the greatest moment is when dingo and olive see christ in the great cheyenne, we eat che’ chili and talk elvis, bug eating contests, levitation tricks of their trade, beating people up in front of a big crowds, shooting clown porn & bike porn being huge in portland, the gluten flap, dingo and olives ongoing publishing projects and appearances in movies and film, we talk how amy and I are building our book and movie, anarchists and anarchy, battling cops, intellectuals, the cancer the rains down on the heads of all who live on the south side of chicago, banjo playing, and portland being the greatest place on earth, we then walk down and visit my art studio and talk art and rim jobs.


this is mania! #10 – sid yiddish and shannon saar

show#10 – chicago poet sid yiddish and shannon saar join me for pizza at phil’s pizza on 35th street as I train thru chicago… we talk art and poetry, idol worship, how the youth doesn’t embrace their own generation, new media and the technological revolution, real books vs. ebooks and how the american revolution was won by printing press and not guns, pizza and the cultural ramifications, the psychology of soda pop, the shallowness of americans as pecked by europeans, pacific northwest being civil, weed brownies, art hustle, making art in this day and age vs the 80’s and 90’s, shannon’s comics, grammar running it’s course, words use and meaning, minnesota being the new arkansas, the art of arguing, living on the cloudy, rainy long beach peninsula, the weed brownies take hold and it’s all up hill… we hit the bus and further our conversation about my death and a street named bugbee, death, the exploitation of the dead artist and the importance of letting the artist know he’s respected while living… equality and could everyone have talent… white supremacist and where they live, trees, penises and vaginas and more portland chat…. we talk “it” too.


this is mania! #11 – doug messner and alethea jones

show#11 – I visit my old pal doug mesner and my new pal alethea jones while he’s going to school, we talk death and recovered memory and satanic panic, ptsd, creationists, the harassment doug has had to deal with due to his deep study of recovered memory syndrome, more about the process and progress of the road trip book amy and I did, satanism, the process church and timothy wyllie, my childhood friendship with matt dwyer and the abuse we suffered, conservatives and repressed homosexuality, doing more art and less blank walls, the mentality behind showing art, the losing path, diet and the serial killer, the palestinian vs israel comedy, shit eating sal and turds and turd balls, myth buster and myth lovers, ufo’s, more serial killer talk and how my radio show should be a cooking show as every show we eat.


this is mania! #12 – heart warrior chosa

show#12 – I’m brave and I head to ely minnesota to help amy pack up her fathers place and visit my spiritual guide and great friend heart warrior chosa, one of the greatest artists, poets and philosophers I’ve ever met… it was so great to see her, rose blossom and her son, sunrise, re-listening to this, it is just great to hear her voice and intellect… we talk the environment, pineapple cake, my soda company, mike hillman one of the guys who helped run us out of town, hart warrior shows us her movie, one environment, native american life and obligation to turtle island, control of the culture controlled by pigs, religion, corporate control of the government, shitting in water, medication leeching into the water and eventually rain, regain, being a child of armageddon, plastic over use, neanderthals, the white devil, christianity plague, hopi teaching of the four worlds, druids, nimrods, russians, pubic hair, gals with beards and harry woman, taking the bar with out law school, more ely talk, soda pop poison, my personal evolution, fist fighting and biting a dudes tit off, more european neanderthal talk, promoting cripples and spirits wanting good bodies, planning to camp with heart warrior.


this is mania! #13 – more ely, minnesota – hear the aftermath of a shunning

show#13 – more of my visit to the town that ran me out, here amy & I visit the goat farmer, pamalot, she shares one of the last ely elixir blueberry sodas known to man, my soda, the soda I created, we talk religion, christ and how spirituality isn’t religion and even more religion, gahndi and how he never rose from the dead, why we might have been run out of town. SEGMENT 2: we then visit the ely farmers market and run into bill roof, a guy who was my great pal until the shunning started, he’s a survivor and he does that by squatting the fence, he’s now running a sandwich truck and made a hell of a hot mess… sandwich, I can’t help but bring up the shunning, as I recall, I was looking for some additional footage/proof that the shunning happened, I did get that footage too. SEGMENT 3: is when I ran into mike hillman, one of the handful of dickheads that was instrumental in running amy and myself out of town, the cops were called and you’ll hear that too, one of the cops is a danzig fan, I know this because he showed up at our house once when we were getting extreme death threats, he saw a picture of danzig with amy and told us he was a huge fan of danzig… it was some sort of comfort as we were run out of town for being not of the norm.


this is mania! #14 – james faretheewell

show#14 – james faretheewell, portland musician and artist we met him thru the surreal art show and ball I showed artwork at, we talk astrology, love, love loss, fits of rage and a five year temper, medial weed and cheyenne doggie diets, more talk about our road trip, book and movie and why we did what we did and how we did what we did… james brings up another road trapper who washed dishes from town to town and his own search for whatever he was looking for on his own road trip and busker adventure… the conversation turns to the entrepreneurial interests and success, putting your pooch down, depression, more love loss talk, cycles and seasons and relationships, eating rite and kale.


this is mania! #15 – kaos radio boss, the beer princess & shane swank

show#15 – kaos radio boss, the beer princess, we meet at her local dray queen, this dairy queen is in the texas town george bush jr. lives in, we talk work and working for others or yourself, pirate radio, austin and sxsw, south by south west, promoters and how they get paid and how we failed at the expo of the extreme to pay a lot of the bands… this show seems forced, I drop a song on-top of amy talking and let the music play for what seems like an entire cd, straight thru, a big mistake. SEGMENT 2: I visit and talk to chicago artist shane swank about our book and movie, I used this audio in an earlier this is mania! radio show, guess I was stoked about him talking up my film… this thing is the longer version of the conversation I use in the earlier podcast… this is an interesting listen as I talk about building the movie as I show my initial edit.


this is mania! #16 – porn star paris gables and clips from a film I was working on

show#16 – you get to hear one of the edits of the movie I was working on at the time, interspersed with bob dylan singing with johnny cash, the movie, the suffering and celebration of life in america, is an experimental, documentary kind of flick, so the audio between songs works, it’s interviews regrading politics, art, religion and revolution… the last segment is me making cupcakes with porn star paris gables. this seems like one of those shows that shows, having to do a radio show on a regular basis, on a schedule can become a grind, it might be ok when you’re spinning records, but talk and thought, well, I’d need a crew and for this show, that’s not what I wanted to do, I just wanted to talk when I felt like talking, thoughtful talk – so, this show, while it’s cool, feels like a filler show… now, I’m looking back on this, so maybe I just feel it doesn’t live up to the first handful of “this is mania!” shows I did.


this is mania! #17 – averse sefira, caleb “shooter” schaber & bishop tau marie of the O.T.O.

show#17 – starting off amy & I interview texas black metal band averse sefira, a band that surprised all non-metal heads who have seen the film and read the book we featured them in… they surprised them because they are ultra smart and for some reason the majority sees metal heads as a beavis and butthead breed… we are not, we can be and get low at times, but we are far from dim-witted… we’re also not a we, individuals to the end. this is the full audio from the interview, and, as the filmmaker, it was hard to cut this interview because everything they say is on and perfect for me, so it was very fulfilling to be able to present this audio in full on this radio show… we talk art, the possibility of american black metal, religion vs. spirituality, nihilism and nihilist, voting, the differences between the person and the artist channeling expressions, who picas voted for, church burning, christianity being the scourge of the earth, hessians, metal heads, heavy metal as a religion, socializing art, national endowment of the arts, quantity over quality, environmental issues, school shootings, school shooting and the decline of art programs, arts importance as a safety valve, chemical depression and fast food, we are one with the earth, trees not paying taxes. SEGMENT 2: is a discussion with the head on the austin scarlet woman lodge temple and O.T.O. headquarters, bishop tau marie, we talk god, religion, spirituality, religious and culture wars, the freedom to not believe, how nature works, the laws of nature, crowley, the crowley collecting at the ransom center, the gnostic mass. SEGMENT 3: is caleb “shooter” schaber, a fascinating fellow… he went over to afghanistan to see what was was like, he was dropped there with only $40 and no back-up, oh and before he left he tattooed “cut-here” and a dotted line around his neck, we talk war, humanity, journalism, voting… this isn’t the full interview, it’s continued on this is mania! #18, I really feel caleb is a voice that should be heard, it’s again, nice to be able to run the full audio from these interviews.


this is mania! #18 – more caleb “shooter” schaber, john sinclair & the manager of the original KFC

show#18 – more caleb “shooter” schaber, war correspondent that is a zinester and blogger, he wasn’t working for a news outlet, he just wanted to see what war was with his own eyes, a true journalist, he was dumped in afghanistan with $40 and no back up, no credit, and before he was dropped in afghanistan he tattooed cut here and a dotted line on his neck, caleb also ran for mayor of seattle, he even made it to the #5 spot, not to bad, we talk art and odd jobs and how to make a dime doing his blog, why he does what he does, mainstream media, school shooters, american violence vs middle eastern violence, the taliban and sharia law, saddam hussein, I wish we would have had more time with caleb. SEGMENT 2: john sinclair, 60’s hippy and white panther and retired revolutionary, present day poet and free spirt and couch surfer, we talk revolution, art, the black panthers, mc5, artistic revolution, karl rove, che guevara, castor, cuba, voting, weed, free speech, acid, l.s.d., underground, pop culture, ten years for two joints, change, new orleans, nola, evictions, police state, war, john lennon, bob redneck, too much free speech. SEGMENT 3: junior, assistant manager for the KFC, the original KFC that colonel sanders started in corbin, ky, we talk the corneal, chicken, hard work, raising children, bullies, entrepreneur, entrepreneurial spirit, and a virtual tour of the original KFC complete with history.


this is mania! #19 – gene hoglan, craig newmark, a librarian and, security guard

show#19 – as I’ve said, it’s nice to have this format, the radio show here to run the uncut interviews amy & I did that ended up getting edited down for the book and film (booovie) – gene hoglan, the caffeine machine, the guy who schooled slayer drummer and the greatest heavy metal drummer known to man, he played for dark angel, one of my all time favorite metal bands, he plays and has played with a shit ton of bands, but thats the band I recall him from, we interviewed him as he was touring with dethklok, a cartoon that turned into a touring act, we talk dethklok, heavy metal culture, voting, religion vs. spirituality, european metal vs. american metal, being misunderstood vs. understood, music industry survival, learning and education, free speech, too much free speech, control, honor, best and worst thing about america. SEGMENT 2: craig newmark from, we talk birds as craig shows us his bird feeder, why he didn’t take the money, selling out, the burden of being rich, power, voting, obama, fact checking, newspapers, community service, new media, citizen journalism, journalism ethics, the internet, internet ethics, capitalism, religion vs. spirituality, leonard cohen, basic human rights, the bill of rights, intent, lying, liars & lies. SEGMENT 3: we visit the salinas library to ask about the library closing, community action, taxes, libraries being a safe place for all, resources for all, civil rights, human rights, fahrenheit 451, burning books, knowledge is power, libraries an un-quiet history, libraries under attack. SEGMENT 3: a security guard from the roadium flea market in l.a., a brilliant man, a sage of the road, we talk creationist, evolution, spirituality, atheists, satanism, witch burning, the astral plane, shamans, revolution, best and worse things in america, open air market places, the economy, destroyed lives, free speech.


this is mania! #20 – WM3 west memphis three special, john mark byers, bruce sinofsky, joe berlinger

show#20 – john mark byers starts more unedited interviews from the footage we shot for the movie and book we produced, the suffering and celebration of life in america, this show starts as we hung out with john mark byers of west memphis three notoriety at his home, it was a trip and a half, the guy was very welcoming and what you’ll hear here is a scoop, we were the first to reveal this info – the info regarding terry hobbs as john mark byers suspects and the most likely suspect to have committed the crimes, we talk wm3 and smoke weed, we chat the paradise lost film makers joe berlinger & bruce sinofsky, john calling them jewboys, the mothers of the wm3 accused, devils knot book, mara leveritt, hbo, hob creating an event/rally so they could use it for their next hbo special, the hbo film makers buying an oz. of weed and rigging the receipts, creative editing of the hbo documentary, killing a deer with his hands and knife, prison life, shell schlock and ptsd, blood money, donations to the wm3 going to help with the documentary and a t-shirt guys appearance, pride and ego, eating crow. SEGMENT 2: we talk to the guy who made wm3 t-shirts to raise funds and ultimately those funds were handed back to him so he could fly in for the rally that seemed to be set up so hbo might film, even if the event was pure, giving funds raised for the accused sitting in prison just seemed wrong to me, I know if I was raising money for prisoners I would have never taken the money, I would have sent it direct to the prisoners with a letter telling them it was given back to me so I might fly in for an event… I’m betting they might not be cool with that, I don’t know, this just seemed odd and the reaction from the wm3 camp made me think my feeling of odd was justified.,, and beyond. SEGMENT 3: joe berlinger & bruce sinofsky, wm3, paradise lost filmmakers talk with me about john mark byers, how they decided to make their documentaries, metallica, cliff burton, I end the show with audio from the rally or event that seemed to only fulfill the hbo cameras, not that that is a bad thing, press is and was needed to fight that wm3 case… my beef is that if you’re going to do it, DO IT, the showing was pathetic, ver few folks turned out, so, it showed lazy intent… nothing I can respect.


this is mania! #21 – forrest ackerman & seka

show#21 – SEGMENT 1 – forrest ackerman talks to amy and myself in june of 2006, we visit the ackermansion turned bungle, if you tun into this is mania #23, you’ll hear my tale of interviewing forrest ackerman, the behind the scenes, the shit, literally, the shit you just don’t say to an interview subjects face… forrest has always been welcoming and this time was no different, we eventually go out for pie, to the famous house of pies in l.a… we talk how he came up with the word sci-fi, scientology, he reads from the original frankenstein script, tells about working with michael jackson… forest tells us so many great tales of horror and sci-fi history, I’m glad to have captured this for the world to hear and really glad to have the opportunity to let folks hear this great history… SEGMENT 2 I talk to the FIRST porn star, seka, this is around 1996 or 97, I first met her at her apartment and blushed the entire time, she was after all, the person I lost my masturbatory cherry to, we talk a porn star retirement home, unions and crossing the picket lines, seka’s grandma ok’ing her life in porn, porn being degrading to women, the money shot, cum being good for ones hair, working at strip clubs and the low end clubs vs the high end clubs, gloria leonard, the traci lords scandal, al goldstein being her pal and marriage.


this is mania! #22 – film rough edits and exceptional audio clips

show#22 – SEGMENT 1 – szandora lavey and I meet up, do some coke and shoot the shit, she tells me about her past, the child abuse she’s suffered, her understanding of satanism, this audio comes from the book and film ‘the suffering and celebration of life in america’ from the sound of the audio, this is from a raw edit, not sure if this is the unedited audio, while filming, due to lack of funds to store and edit footage, I had to turn the camera off if we wandered too much off of a topic, so it was sort of like editing on the spot, or pre-editing, once the subject told me what I was looking for Id turn the camera off, unless the person was amazing… SEGMENT 2 – ugly shyla, a person who I’ve become a decent pal with asks us to meet her in a grave yard so we might film her, she talks to me about art vs. craft, school shooters, doll making, religion vs. spirituality,too much free speech, voodoo and voting. SEGMENT 3 – heather vetch is one of the original holy hotties, ex-porn gals turned to christ, ministers for christ, we talk religion, of course, politics, free speech, culture wars and art. SEGMENT 4 – pat jolly, the un-official mayor of new orleans, one of our all time favorite hosts on our year long road trip, an art teacher and amazing woman, we talk art, of course, mardi gras, why she does what she does, new orleans & katrina. SEGMENT 5 – rick and rhi dennison – wicans who found us thru our ad, surprisingly very intelligent, we talk creation vs evolution, religion vs. spirituality, fear and the pagan religion. SEGMENT 6 – annette larue a new orleans tattooist who offered to give me a free tattoo, amy & I interviewed her about free speech, art, tattoo culture, race relations, art, the changing art scene in new orleans, growing up a tomboy, tattooing making the cash, the point of tattoos, SEGMENT 7 – joe murphy and his sister, probably my favorite interview of our entire road-trip, these folks were the neighbors of assassinated black panther fred hampton, they really open up t me, I felt the understood the special moment they were in, the importance of being offered to express oneself to the world via the media, they took us serious, it was amazing, we talk public aid, the ghetto, the importance of school, white vs. black, black culture, drug dealing, class war vs. race war, chicago’s changing face,
yes, all of this audio is from a rough edit and not the compete audio from each interview… most likely his is the footage I had to cut, it made it close, I hated to cut it so I used it for this show.


this is mania! #23 – mike IX williams

show#23 – SEGMENT 1 – mike IX williams, his wife and a band mate colin yea, we talk new orleans, art, nihilism,, pie, music and its labels, animal rights, human rights and how some humans shouldn’t have rights, a bit of behind the scenes info from my forrest ackerman interview, pop culture and bad art, the carpenters, free speech, voting, capitalism, revolution, the satanic bible, the ego, religion vs. spirituality, experience, fake ass poseurs, hurricane katrina, school shooters, art, the art of school shooting, skeptics, global warming, best and worst thing about america, elders and the disrespect they face in our society.


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