AUDIO/VIDEO: love and satan and nazis and black metal

included here you’ll find two videos and the full audio from the interview I did with DAGON lead singer and guitarplayr with the black metal band Inquisition. This interview was done on May 3rd in Seattle at the last stop of the Behemoth tour, a tour Inquisition was asked to play by the band Behemoth (Behemoth interview and video to follow next week).

In this interview we talk about a recent controversy DAGON and his band attracted, they were accused of being nazis and national socialist sympathizers, about the recent nazi controversy, love and hate, christianity, satanism, race and race relations, eugenics, genocide and the holocaust, genocides thru-out history, religion, slayer, black metal, dragons youth and family, the bugbees being run put of town, how small your life becomes when you deal in extreme art and how the extreme artist has to live within society like a felon, living and experiencing death, not fitting in as a kid who looks white in a south american culture, living in saudi arabia, the compulsion of speaking your mind, the compulsion of expression.

I contacted dagon after a controversy arose over his interest in world war two symbology and national socialism, this isn’t to say he subscribes to those beliefs, it is to say he was interested in them as far as artistic expression and understanding goes.

I find dagon to be very smart, thoughtful and focused and I really love his artistic output… find his band INQUISITION for starters!

PART ONE: this is part one of a two part video interview with dagon from the black metal band inquisition we talk: art, nazis symbols, nazis, free speech, anger, culture, humanity, genocide, holocausts, art the hurts feelings.

dagon from the black metal band inquisition pt.1 from shane bugbee on Vimeo.

PART TWO: this is the second part of a two part video interview with dagon from the black metal band inquisition we talk: love and hate, passion, satanism, religion, understanding, what satanism is, the spirit, the third eye, opening the mind, spirituality and philosophy.

dagon from the black metal band inquisition pt.2 from shane bugbee on Vimeo.

*the audio quality on the podcast isn’t the best, I had no sleep for two days and fucked up here and there, I did capture the entire moment, it took two cameras and my nice new recorder to do it, but the entire conversation is here… some might say the video quality is not that great, but I feel it’s perfect when you understand the roots and ascetics of black metal… I assure, this will not happen again and if it does it will be a very rare moment. also, this interview is not edited at all, you will hear these odd clips or pings but those are dragon hitting the table the recorder was on, me not catching that and my subsequent try at making those huge, loud and thunderous bangs less of a shock to the ears.

**I guess I need to start telling folks who watch, who look, who read, who listen, who see and who hear the stuff I put on line, for free, that this might be free to you, but it is not free to me… this interview alone took 7hrs in driving to and from the venue, $70 in gas… the interview with DAGON took two and a half hours, then there is the transferring files to the computer, hard drive space… editing, rendering, and uploading took another 40-50 hrs.

I say this so you might consider being an active listener, whether you pitch in a dollar, simply share the link to my website, like it on social media, tweet it, or post a comment or critique… by being an active participant in the art you consume keeps the art you consume active for you to participate in, your action keeps independent art alive and well.

black metal band inquisition performing in san fransisco, opening up for behemoth

black metal band inquisition performing in san fransisco, opening up for behemoth

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