WORDS: perverse only see perversion

the counter culture at times, is at war with the mainstream and merely a reflection of the perversions some see…
most of the time, the counter culture is simply asserting it’s animalistic rights to be a hedonistic heathen and left alone.
to play with those of a like mind but individual bent…
the shocked reaction to what slips out of the art world and, is seen by the mainstream might seem perverted to the perverse as the perverse only see perversion.
and when I say art world I mean underground/street art, not art school crap striving for upper crust gallery status… and that upper crust is a crust that is a corporate funded, science experiment and experimental microwavable crust, not one made by a person of passion.

the “counter-culture” is dubbed “counter-culture” by those of the mainstream microwavable culture… the truly perverse.
the “underground” and/or street art is a place where fun and feelings are embraced and seldom for sale.

the animal within, the animal the artist lets out can never be perverse.
there is no perversion in, or of, or from the underground, the street, the true and honest and free and never on their knees, unless it’s for oral pleasure, creative.

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