ART: the bear eats the self-destructive demon within.

made with: the ‘clay’, rock from sacred fishing stream, bear skull, pewter bear bank, glass eyes, piece of steel belt from an indian reservation, AA coin, broken bear salt shaker, smashed angel head with demon within, smashed bear bank, busted up cigar box from indian rez, box from dead alcoholic.

size: aprox. 8x10x10

the story: this is a commission piece, a box I made for an old friend.
he has been and always will struggle from an addiction problem… this is a box so he might remember his inner strength. he is part native american and I found out his spirit animal is a bear, so the bear thru out the piece is to shake up and awake that spirit animal… a visual inspiration.

funny thing about that friend, he told me he had cancer, so I started the piece, rushed to do it and get it to him before he passed and shipped the piece without any sort of payment… I found out later he lied about the cancer. he has never paid for the box and by pay, I should make clear I only asked him to pay the out of pocket cost to make and ship the box.

hell, I’d do it again for another friend who might be sick.

this piece was produced about 2 years ago… I’ve been rather angry about the lies and theft of and for the piece and didn’t want to post it, but I’ve calmed down so here it be.

if anyone reading this wants to tell the guy who lied about having cancer in order to scam and steal a piece of art, here is hi contact info:
his email:

you can click on any image to see it bigger and then, click it again to see it full size.

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