AUDIO: Crime Cast – a podcast about… you guessed it – crime.

I produced the crime cast between Dec 23rd 2005 & June 11th 2006 – this was a podcast that was part of a website I collaborated with my wife amy on, it was called crime & cookies, the website included three podcasts, one from me, the crime cast, one from us, the crime and cookie cast and one from amy, the cookie cast…. ahhh the old days of podcasting for fun with no profit… trailblazers once again.

I usually post my older digital files on as I’ve done with ALL of the crime cast episodes… links to each digital audio file are available below their individual description.

here is the main page where all the files reside at this time: Crime Cast 1-74

Unlike C.S.I., Court TV and the rest of the trendy “forensic” style programs. THE DAILY CRIME CAST brings you back to the day when Tabloids ruled True Crime reporting. Total blood & guts journalism with all of the reality that’s missing from todays bleached out, homogenized true crime programs.

If you’re board with the glut of safe, and oddly enough, friendly shows about sadistic serial killers, rapists, and criminals of all types, CRIME CAST is your kind of listen.


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crime cast 1 – SERIAL RAPIST – Samples from the rape ranch of David Parker Ray, This guy was out of Texas, but the videos him and his galpal made send an FBI agent home to kill herself. They say he was the largest Serial Rapist.


crime cast 2 – One of my all time favorite songs… I can HEAR why Charlie has such a loyal following… with angel-like voices like that, I’m joining!


crime cast 3 – Andy Kahan, andy kahan a crime victims advocate and person who has helped pressure to outlaw the sale of serial killer artifacts, talks to Amy, Doug & myself… this chunky chunk was originally broadcast on a 24hr. podcast we did entitled RADIO JIHAD – on sale at Like what you’re hearing?


crime cast 4 – the first interview with serial killer collector – Tod Bohannon of murder auctions from


crime cast 4a – serial killer stalker and author, Sondra London sings about Death Row… she’s a killer, howz bout you?


crime cast 5 – Gacy’s neighbor & Babysitter talks! first and only interview with gacy’s next door neighbor. Audrey Grexa talks about being Gacy’s neighbor & babysitter… she’s just uncovered NEVER before seen footage of the dig, letters her mom received from Gacy through out Gacy’s jail time, a x-mas wreath neighbor John gave em’ before his arrest and more.


crime cast 6 – highlights from one of the true crime warped minds speaking engagements featuring speakers doug mesner & myself … this audio is narrated by doug messier.


crime cast 7 – ted bunny f.b.i. training interviews… clips pieced together and sculpted, this audio was recorded hours before he was executed.


crime cast 8 – interview with Stephen Cender a guy who was selling david berkowitz’s prison ID, was a prisoner with berkowitz and wrote a book son of sam, son of hope.


crime cast 9 – Son of Sam tune from The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers.


crime cast 10 – Interview with me… er.. Matt re: Gacy 900# and FBI shutting it down, I use Gacy to promote some books I was publishing at the time. chicago DJ Garry Meier interviews.


crime cast 11 – Audio collage 1-part Manson family jams, 1-part Freddie Hubbard’s Threnody for Sharon Tate.


crime cast 12 – interview with dave gibson, a fella who owned ed geins truck, was selling it and lived in plainfield wisconsin, home of ed gein.


crime cast 13 – Last Stand of Koresh – Sad it’s been 13 years since the WACO siege… this is a lil hunk of the 911 tapes & some David Koresh music.


crime cast 14 – william bonin, the freeway killer plays piano and sings… this is narrated by barbara, a loyal childhood friend.


crime cast 15 – Detailed account of Wiliam Bonin’s DEATH… Here’s Bill’s last words: “That I feel the death penalty is not an answer to the problems at hand. That I feel it sends the wrong message to the youth of the country. Young people act as they see other people act.


crime cast 16 – more william bonin, the freeway killer singing for his loyal childhood pal barbara.


crime cast 17 – when I’m gone, sally don’t you grieve – a song, not sure who this is.


crime cast 18 – Interview with Mrs. James Monroe one of the Freeway Killer’s – Jan Married James thru the mail, without meeting & without speaking over the phone – now that’s a pen pal!


crime cast 19 – eric, a person who writes to and collects serial killer letters. he calls shane to complain about something petty. this illustrates the petty nature of the serial killer collector… it ends with a verbal hand shake and we live another day.


crime cast 20 – part two, jan monroe, a gal who was dating freeway killer james munro and said she was married to him, she was not… she talks about her first phone call with james, shane compared it to a honeymoon… she also let’s her daughter april join the conversation, she also writes serial killers.


crime cast 21 – part three, jan monroe, a gal who was dating freeway killer james munro – she reads a letter from james about christ… she also talks about the want to hear the details.


crime cast 22 – Last Stand of Koresh pt.2 -More of the 911 tapes & some David Koresh preachin.


crime cast 23 – A little bit death sentence from both ends society, a detailed description of a lethal injection execution… music from Crypt 33


crime cast 24 – an exclusive and original drama episode 1 of an ed gein drama… a phone call with a fella, dave gibson, who owned the ed gein truck and the drama that comes along with that. he lives in plainfield, the very small town ed gein was from talks about the death threats he’s getting from ed geins best pals, son.


crime cast 25 – KKKolumbine – My audio salute/sculpture to Eric & Dylan. a mash up of school shooters from columbine colorado, eric and dylan. includes the school shooters acting out, friends of the shooters and news reports.


crime cast 26 – PANZRAM is one of my Favorite criminals… The World Famous Crawl Space Brothers sum up his story and my love of Carl.


crime cast 27 – an exclusive and original drama – episode 2 of an ed gein drama – a phone call to bobby hill, son of ed geins best pal lester hill to confirm the truck dave had was ed geins… he talks about victims family the wordens and how they will seek revenge and how leone Worden called dave to threaten his life.


crime cast 28 – Manson Family Jams…. Manson & the Family at their best!


crime cast 29 – David Koresh music.


crime cast 30 – Ed Gein Drama continues… an exclusive and original drama – episode 3 of an ed gein drama – shane calls the home of leone Worden son of an ed gein victim. we talk about the ed gein truck and how hurtful it is… she talk about the locals and how they feel about the ed gein folks coming to their small town to snoop around… we also talk ed geins tomb stone.


crime cast 31 – GOAT gallery presents: Macabre Minstrels singing about, what else… serial killing – this recording is in Chicago 1995 or so, it was Mike Diana’s first art show.


crime cast 32 – I talk with carrie, the wife of Crime & Punishment star Jesus Vasquez she calls him Chuy… Kerri married “Chuy” after a prison pen-pal relationship… I’m trying to understand the gal who corresponds with convicts for romantic proposes. His case was featured on Crime & Punishment.


crime cast 33 – What’s a 33rd episode if it ain’t about GACY? This show starts a handful of GACY shows, this show is some clips I collected the day before Gacy’s execution from fans of the Death penalty.


crime cast 34 – More GACY! This show is full of clips from Gacy’s LAST interview.


crime cast 35 – My interview with bob egan, the prosecuting lawyer who helped to convict j.w. gacy and ultimately put him to death, mr. egan talks about the execution, about serial killer collectors, about the death penalty… he talks about prosecuting criminals and what he favors as far as evidence, gacy victims family, clown culture, helen morrison and decent gacy books, we talk andy kahan and selling serial killer items on ebay, americas most wanted’s john walsh, exploitive nature of all true crime t.v., the insanity defense, prison politics and gacy getting away with crimes in prison.


crime cast 36 – More of GACY’s last words… he speaks about his dad, how he came up with the POGO name & more.


crime cast 37 – We end the Gacy onslaught with The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers singing, yep you guessed it – GACY!


crime cast 38 – Cannibal, salad factory employee & convicted serial killer Arthur Shawcross talks about one of his victims… this audio story about arthur shawcross with brief, detailed interview… was presented journalistically and for a commercial cassette release.


crime cast 39 – Veronica Compton, the copy cat hillside strangler, reads some, well, super strange poetry.
Veronica Compton is the gal who fell for “Hillside strangler Ken Bianchi”… you gotta run her name on-line, she’s hot, poses nude & will do anything for her man.


crime cast 40 – Last Stand of Koresh pt.4 -911 call with the polite, civil and self described “notorious” David Koresh… this is an audio sculpture that I made as a tribute or document of the waco/branch davidian tragedy… includes david koresh phone calls to the police where he calmly tries to work things out and asks why they didn’t just call rather than try to break down the door, shooting.


crime cast 41 – Free Charlie! – A song with the lyrical high point: “next time that he’s irritated, you just might be Sharon Tated”.


crime cast 42 – charles mansion audio sculpture I made, includes samples from mansion interviews, ends with red river dave song – California hippy murders.


crime cast 43 – interview with Corey Mitchell, true crime author.


crime cast 44 – Part 2. of my Corey Mitchell interview – find out how bad my smoke damage is as we talk Coral Watts, his Evil Eyes & victims rights advocate Andy Kahn.


crime cast 45 – The Peoples Temple Chorus preforming SONG for the last time… a great intro of what’s to come… this song is called “somethings got a hold on me”.


crime cast 46 – More from Jim Jones music and preaching… Armageddon style… a mash-up I made of the jim jones speaking in tongs and a song from his peoples temple choir…. ends with highlights from drinking of the kool-aid death recording.


crime cast 47 – Jim Jones suicide speech – hear Jim talk the followers into drinking the kool-aid, hear the followers speachify – hear the kids cry, hear em’ die…. the full jim jones and peoples temple drinking of the kool-aid recording, complete with followers talking about being happy about the death trip hay are about to enter.


crime cast 48 – Jim Jones presents: The Peoples Temple choir singing their last song before heading off to Jonestown, located in the jungle of Guyana. This song really says it all.


crime cast 49 – BTK – Mr. Raider’s thank you speech… just like the Grammy awards! This is something that’ll leave you shaking your head.


crime cast 50 – BTK audio ASS-ALT this is a 10 min audio collage I put together… includes a lil’ BTK poetry read by the one and only Denise Raider.


crime cast 51 – Best of the BTK victim’s impact statement – pt.1


crime cast 52 – Best of the BTK victim’s impact statement – pt.2


crime cast 53 – Best of the BTK victim’s impact statement – pt.3


crime cast 54 – Best of the BTK victim’s impact statement – pt.4


crime cast 55 – Best of the BTK victim’s impact statement – pt.5


crime cast 56 – BTK victim’s press conference?!?! This is strange to me… I’m not sure what’s stranger, the press conference or how comfortable they seem to be with the media.


crime cast 57 – elizabeth smart’s boyfriend talks in court… he had elizabeth as he was staying with some friend in the lord jesus christ??? wow! I wish I had clips of this guy singing in court.


crime cast 58 – The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers sing BTK


crime cast 59 – MORE The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers!


crime cast 60 – an audio sculpture I made regarding john lennon – this is some NY Radio from the day of his death, as well as samples I’ve collected.


crime cast 61 – Nico Claux talks… this is the LAST time he speaks about his crimes, Nico gives me ALL the details, stuff he’s never spoke and stuff he say’s he’ll never speak of again.


crime cast 62 – Song about NICO by, yep you guessed it… The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers.


crime cast 63 – more from the Nico Claux interview.


crime cast 64 – Salt Late Trib interviews me about my new book: True Crime Warped Minds Book 1.


crime cast 65 – Book tour for – True Crime Warped Minds BOOK 1 – this is Amy & me chating about the first 1/2 of our road trip. We’re in Ogologilaoglaoo, Wy or something like that… I love the smell of cow shit in the morning.


crime cast 66 – Out side this great METAL friendly club in Salt Lake City, we chat with ZODIAC the lead singer from….. he sliced himself from ear to ear and bleed all over the place… GREAT BAND – The live recording sounds like shit, so I’ll upload a song from their CD.


crime cast 67 – NEW BOOK Tour Night 3 – SALT LAKE CITY at Area 51 with Jason & Kim from Redrum, Storm, The Dark Princess and MOST of the SLC EVIL Scene.


crime cast 68 – This is the band we saw at Burt’s Tiki Bar… SALT LACKE CITY BLACK METAL!!!! Or as Zodiac, the lead singer calls it “Bapho-Metal”
SONG: I Fucking Kill – BAND: Ibex Throne – ALBUM: Total Inversion


crime cast 69 – BOOK TOUR: Day 4 Leaving SLC… We have Lunch with Storm & the Dark Queen… good pizza & good conversation, what more can you ask for… ok, I could ask for alot more, but this was a good time.


crime cast 70 – BOOK TOUR: hotel conversations about witnessing a crack dealers arrest, law and order and road tripping.


crime cast 71 – BOOK TOUR: Oil Wrestling at Matt Zane’s


crime cast 72 – BOOK TOUR: The BOG people!


crime cast 73 – BOOK TOUR: Movie and a Hot Dog. in L.A. for The Omen


crime cast 74 – BOOK TOUR: Lunch with Forrest J. Ackerman at House of Pies


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