made with: the ‘clay’, plastic halloween tomb stone, a piece of polished granite stone, a broken snow white lamp, a plastic heart, sea shells, wire and plastic flowers and satans butthole.


story: yes, it’s true, you can leave your heart in san francisco, but when I visit that hear a piece is gone… bob magian is that piece. I’ve been back to SF twice since bobs passing and both times I felt a bit empty, the second time I made this RIP stone as I yearned for a place to visit, to lay a flower, for a memorial.

now, I’m of a mind that the mind is the greatest memorial to the deal, the thoughts and actions inspired by the loved one who is turning to dust and dirt… sometimes though, a persons actions and influence deserve more, the deserve a rock or honorable mention etched in metal… bob was an underground artist and a hero among, what the lame mainstream might dub a counter culture… he was always cutting edge and, more importantly, a fucking supporter and cheer leader of those making art that really pushed the boundaries. bob was always there for us when ever we passed thru town, he always offered up time and connections and inspirations and ideas on how to make what ever it is we were doing bigger and better and rude and more fuck you than we could conceive.

bob will alway be an inspiration. I hope to never slip and fall or get the alzheimers and forget him… my world is less without him.

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