AUDIO: behemoth’s nergal talks art, communism and satan

this was recorded in seattle at the last show of behemoth’s u.s. tour.

it was a pleasure speaking with nergal of the metal band behemoth… he is smart and honest, this makes for a doubly great talk.

we spoke of many things, all listed below, but he most impressed me with his understanding and take on art, for some reason I never expect musicians to respect or understand or think about art, but, once again, those who are serious about expression, who are political, and creative, do think, and they think about more then entertaining, they think about inspiration and influence and their legacy and are philosophically minded… nergal proved to be not only a great artist and performer but also proved to be a thoughtful and intelligent artist… I look forward to the u.s. release of his book and behemoths’ future releases.

if you enjoy metal music, you really need to check out behemoths newest video “blow your trumpets gabriel…

conversation includes: what is art, leaving definitions behind, art is in the streets, arts role in evolution, animals as artist and consciousness of the animal, primitive art being real art, heavy metal as a culture, american culture, mocking the mcdonnalds culture officially, going against the current and the rebels in america, pollack and the modern art scene, satanism and what that is, labels as being limiting, the religion of doubt, experience vs explanation, free thinkers, christianity as an inspiration, satan as a tool, the relationship with his parents, communism, being raised by a communist and non-practicing christians, the change of poland, christianity working as the rebellion agains communism, not having to explain personal art, the carnal and spiritual level, dedicated fans, the satanic bible as a catalyst and personal evolution thru suffering.

* I should add that I hate not having the video for this available at the same time I’m posting the audio… there was a technical issue that has slowed editing of the video… I hope to have a video up maybe next week… maybe never.

It was important for me to post the interview without video due to the issues behemoth and nergal are having in russia.

below, please find the full audio for my interview with nergal of the metal band behemoth…

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