the hope that christianity never dies… nergal of extreme metal band behemoth talks the religion of doubt

negal of extreme metal band behemoth talks about his hope that christianity never dies…

this is the second video… for part one, go here:

for the full audio and photos, go here:

negral is a fascinating artist/musician… my love of his art has grown over the years, it seems to coincide with the music videos his band, behemoth put out. don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy the music but, the videos push their expression over the top.

in this video we talk philosophically regarding religion, the catholic church, how christianity is negral’s biggest inspiration, his attraction to satan, being attracted to the outcast archetype, the religion of doubt and a bit more about religious theory.

this interview came about in the hardest of ways, something I rarely do in my old age and that’s chase an interview… we originally had scheduled to talk in san francisco, but for whatever reason, it was called off… so, after the tour manager promised to make the interview happen if I showed up in seattle, no mater what.

I made the trip… I made the trip because the live show was so fucking amazing… best metal show I’ve seen in years.

though, I must add… I wasn’t as prepared or as rested as I was in SF, so the interview, I feel, could have been better.

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