new print 4 sale – christians beware!

most of the time when I make stuff some call art, I make it and then try and figure out what it meant to me or what my intent was, what was the spark nd drove me to create it? as I’ve sat and stared at this print, I traced the motivation to the constant harassment those who celebrate any kind of alternative belief system have to endure and, how most who do think they have to be cautious of, not speaking out, but just speaking, just being honest, to speak open and honestly about their life, their pride, their love… not having the leisure to live their life free to communicate their beliefs or lack thereof without scorn and persecution.

this poster is a lot of things, but mainly I think it mirrors the hate and discrimination that those of alternative beliefs experience day in and day out… think salem witch trials and know, that shit still happens to this day.

I wish this poster could be taken literally, that you could threaten a christian but, in all reality, that isn’t an option – they are the system… at least in the USA – and outside of the USofA, zealots of all kinds are used to leverage power to and for the ruling class.

I really hate religion… all kinds of religions… fuck them all.

to purchase a limited edition print, email me: shane AT OR shanebugbee AT OR go to the etsy store here: OR here:

size: 24 x 18

price: $26.66

made with: archival paper, 4 color screen print, limited to 66, signed and numbered

I will not be printing this print again, so, once they are gone, they are gone… I will also raise the price as they sell.



I’m very excited about this new print… it’s been some time since I’ve made a print, a screen print that is… I so fucking love screen prints and have a long history in the resurgence of screen printing rock posters, from doing multiple frank kozik poster shows, to opening galleries that specialized in prints from the likes of derek hess, l. kuhn, mark arminski and basically every poster artist that was happening back in the day, the day being, our day, my day, that day was like 25 years ago.

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