oh lord, with thy blessing… let this house be blessed – ART

made with: the ‘clay’, rope from a shipwreck, metal pins from a lutheran sunday school teacher, wooden decorative plate from a dead nuns home, a bell from a tibetan monk…. curses and blessing written in fire with my pyrography wood burning pen.

size: aprox. 13″ in diameter

the story: one of the thrift stores that saves cool religious items that pass thru for me saved a box of decorative catholic nick nacks from a dead nun, so the inspiration for this house blessing started right there, I raced home and started this house blessing… I make black magic and black metal home blessings to curse those who want to hurt folks of an alternative belief or lack of belief system and to bless those who are of the alternative and/or underground world… I imagine making these for all the witches who have been burned at the stake, for the fags tied to fences and beaten to death, for the blacks who have been lynched… because, those who hurt the different usually feel justified based on their belief system or as the christian bumper sticker will tell you, “christians are not perfect, just forgiven”.

the curses I put forward in my house blessings are always contingent on the intent of those who become cursed… so, beware when you fuck with those you think weak or powerless.

you can click on any image to see it larger and then, click it again to see it even larger and click it a third time for full size.

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