NEW website and NEW edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT!

I’ve decided to try my hand again at publishing stuff to sell and for you to buy… I’m talking publishing hard and physical items and not just the digital items I publish day in and day out.

Publishing physical items like books are usually fueled by passion, not profit, and because the digital publishing age has lessened the hurdles it takes to publish, you need less fuel and therefor less passion…. I’m not saying passion doesn’t exist within the digital publishing of today, what I am saying is it sure as fuck can get lost in this moment where every person in the world is publishing their kids birthday pictures, the expressions of the passionate publishers get lost in the sea of shit that is most of the world wide web.

the new website I built where I’ll be selling not only my stuff, but other artists occult workings otherwise known as art is: – I’ve kicked the artwork of prophecy site off with a NEW edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT, you can find that here: – it’s the absolute definitive edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT and will not be topped in my lifetime or even the newborn of todays lifetime… this limited edition OF 23 is signed and numbered by me, the publisher, and includes a foreword from the founder of the Church of Satan, Dr. Anton LaVey, an afterword from Church Of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore, an additional afterword from Ex-White Supremacist who was a White Supremacist when he wrote the afterword, George Eric Hawthorn, who now goes by the name George Burdi… also included is the editors note from the 1996 printing of Might I Right I put out, Katja Lane (Mrs. David Lane) and to add insult to it all, original artwork/illustrations by Doug Mesner a.k.a. Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple shame… a separate book plate from an older edition signed by the illustrator, Doug Mesner a.k.a. Lucien Greaves when he was still just a minion of mine.

also of note for this re-printing is Ragnar Redbeard’s writings from “the lion’s paw – a journal of the gods”. what really pushes this edition of might is right over the top is the cover art, re-created from the edition that caught Anton LaVeys eye and sparked the creation of his satanic bible, where he lifted and edited large parts of might is right to not only create his book, “the satanic bible” but also uses as the foundation of the church of satan. this printing of might is right was published to commemorate the 23rd year of michael hunt publishing. This limited edition also includes a copy of the pocket paperback version and a Jack Chick style might is right mini…


here are some pics of the new edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT:

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