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matt dwyer is an accomplished comedian, writer and podcaster… he has toured the country opening up for david koechner, he is a second city alum… he is also a childhood pal of mine. we were bullied and were fantasized, could be, school shooters, before school shooting was cool.

Here is a link to matts blog & podcast as well as Kelly rose’s photographs…

We talk: long walks on the beach, grinding children into chili Mac, art work, art, road trips, having a human experience, what is a human experience, death, spending my summers in the family funeral home, why we create art, reasons behind creating art, why art is not special, the art of survival, mike Diana, politics driving art, Dave archer, revolution, violent revolution vs. Creative revolution, death threats, my mind being my best friend, victims, intellectuals turning their backs on issues and people for survivals sake, Michael Jackson in the news vs. The environmental collapse not being in the news, the hard aspects of being shunned,, the greatness of, libraries being the one island of civility no matter where you are, Brewster Kahle, the worlds longest documentary, being prolific and a pioneer, the black painters suppressed story living on via the net, creative class trumps ruling class, books being dead and publishers being worthless and books stores raping the customer and the author, buying books direct from the author and how books stores should die and libraries should reign supreme, libraries should be THE religion, Ian MacKaye and his amazing undue se, begging the middle man to die, feeling for juggalos and much, much more, so much more tehy cut the show off in mid sentence.

This podcast is different, it wasn’t over the phone, it was as matt visited my home is astoria oregon. so, I was relaxed and opened up more than I usually would… I’m also honored to be a part of the interviews matt and his gal kelly did on his astoria visit, I’m among some pretty great artists and a really cool road trip document.

matt is a great interviewer and funny guy, listen to this podcast and then listen to all of his podcasts.

I have been on matt’s show before, twice you can hear those shows here:

Here is A link to matts blog and podcast and Kelly rose’s photos. It was an absolute honor to be a part of this road trip podcast series…

shane and matt

shane and matt

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