The beast in the devil and the devil in the beast…

The beast in the devil and the devil in the beast…

made with: “the clay”, a taxadermied bear head from a bear skin rug, a bear skull, bear jaw bone, bear teeth, deer antlers, buffalo horn, glass eyes, broken ceramic birds and a smashed porcelain hart, bear enamel pin, earrings from an abandoned funeral home.

size: 14 long 13 wide and 13 tall

story: this sculpture is part man, part woman, part beast and part the free spirited animal from within us all known as the devil… I was inspired by the Lara Messersmith-Glavin reading of Bearskin Retold. I made this for the cover of her chapbook/CD release as part of collaboration between the two of us… I’m beyond honored.

seems to be the almost second part of the beast within series… it is reminiscent of a sculpture I did almost two years ago entitled the beast within the being and the beast within me. you can see that piece here:

here is a link to lara’s reading of the work that inspired this piece:

you can buy her book with audio cd from me, first week in march at the latest.

you can click on any image to see it bigger and then, click it again to see it full size.


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