the beast within pt. 3

the beast within man pt. 3

made with: “the clay”, glass eyes, bear and deer teeth, and old pewter bear bank, a fake ivory tusk from some old junk jewelry, plastic bald eagle from a USA award, a U.S. military uniform piece, a ceramic heart, a broken porcelain figurine of a little boy and plastic arms from plastic super hero.

size: 7 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 3 inches deep

story: I made this as I made “The beast in man and the devil in the beast”… most of the time I gather the pieces I’ll use for a sculpture in a large tub or tray and, once I start, I might see two or three finished sculptures in that pile of stuff I’ve gathered so, I try and give them all life! this little fella came to life from the remains of “The beast in man and the devil in the beast”

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