Brothers of the Depressed and sometimes Suicidal Cloth… and interview with Tad Doyle, wife Peg Doyle and friend and band mate Dave French

Tad Doyle is beyond an artistic genius.
Google him and do that shit AFTER the video.

Tad and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth released one of the heaviest of all metal recordings ever recorded this year… probably the heaviest of all time… it is that recording that drove me to ask the questions I did… as I sat and put this footage together for this vid, the realization that I had ignored the footage for so long because it was so personal… my guess is, the Brothers of the Sonic Cloth release really struck a nerve. a nerve that provoked me to need to interview, to go to seattle, to travel for more answers.

the unease about editing this video is an unease I’ve felt since I shot it… the questions blurted out, it was only as I sat and edited this video that I realized just how much I was asking of Tad, Peg & Dave… the questions might sound insensitive… they are not. they are very sensitive and coming from me, a person who struggels with justice and meaning all the time… traveling to see TAD and interview his new band, I had with sadness in my heart and mind.

I’m releasing this video because I hear it’s suicide prevention month.

The information in this video is more of a conversation between survivors and their sympathizers. it’s info helped me to see being bummed out differently.

I find the best and easiest advice to give and receive is the advice of the common variety.

Its the truly genius that can deliver advice with such depth and make it sound like common sense… Tad Doyle has a message and it’s a rare and true and deeper than deep massage or deep field… Tad is a person who is creating art that elevates humankind, beyond words elevation.

This was an honor.
I’m forever in your dept Tad Doyle, Peg “pegadeth” Doyle and Dave French!

I have a few edits I have made from the footage… a trailer and a epic 8 min cut to the sounds of suicide talk.

here’s a trailer, it’s to help you settle in so you might want to watch the above very long, internet epic of 8 min…

The entirety of the footage will been added to for any and all to use, forever and ever, as soon as I can get the footage to upload, you can use it however you’d like.. I only ask that you give credit both in the video as well as the body of text that will accompany the finished piece you use it in. Credit as stated:

Questions/footage: Shane Bugbee

Band Member names: Tad Doyle, Peg “pegadeth” Doyle and Dave French

band: Brothers of the Sonic Cloth

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