Black Metal/Black Magic Home Blessing Cross

title: Black Metal/Black Magic Home Blessing Cross
artist: Shane Bugbee
price: $1300. (paypal link below.)
made with: Used Last Rites crucifix, dead catho-lick priests grave dirt, black candles made of goat fat and fire.
story: This cross represents a blessing for some and a curse for others. The idea behind this and a lot of my Black Magic House Blessings is to defend the herb drying, naturopathic loving, home farming, wanting to be self-reliant witches and warlocks of this world. This is a blessing for them. This is a curse for the Christian crusaders and the witch burning, threatened by intelligence and individuality fools and frauds.

you can click on any photo to enlarger and then, click again to see it even bigger and badder.

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