Black Magic bongs – 2009

title: Black Magic bongs
artist: Shane Bugbee
price: NFS
made with: the clay, bottle, beads


story: put these together back in 2009… it was an experiment using ‘the clay’ to break and put back together a bottles… as I did it, I decided to make bongs. it was the memory from a high school ceramic class where, many would try to get away with making bongs, they’d cover the holes to chisel them out at home.

the taller, longer of the three survived and was used for a few months and then, one day I awoke and it was broken… no fall, nothing, just broke back in half.

the smallest was given to a friend as a gift… that friend threw it into a stream claiming it was cursed.

the short, phat piece is still here and I’d sell it for $666. if interested, hit me up.

so much for the experiment… I hope to have the time to re-imagine the broken bong someday.

you can click on any photo to enlarger and then, click again to see it even bigger and badder.

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