politics and elections and politics… when am I gonna learn?

as I think about the reason why I put myself thru mainstream politics, it seems to be a very masochistic sport and that don’t play with me… I mean, not unless we’re all in a room naked and ready for fun and consequence, will I entertain bondage.

exactly! that’s why I care about who is running the country.

this is sort of an act of bondage… Ill be bound by the laws the next group puts fwd so I sure as fuck should be interested in voting.

ahhh, masters, oppressors, lawmakers – fuuuuuck!

the entire election year has been frustrating and exciting… and more than anything a huge learning experience… and a muse the size of the tallest, largest tree.

I was and am a Bernie Sanders fan… he really got my ear. What a special person, especially for a politician.

after he lost, I was and still am heartbroken… so I came up with an idea to make and sell voodoo dolls, not just voodoo dolls but presidential, black magic voodoo dolls… made to put all the energy of change YOU want into them… curse them, bless them, juggle them, hug and love them, up to you and me in this here land of the free.

and then I came up with the idea to do a LIFE SIZED, PRESIDENTIAL, BLACK MAGIC, VOODOO DOLL. –


so, I needed the art to be done and done now so I contacted my New Zealand home-boy grimoire 666 for a decent illustration that would match the vision and visions I was having… and he did and he always does read my mind!

next came a POOF and magic cloud and I produced, cut, stitched and sewn a couple of LIFE SIZED VOODOO DOLLS!!

And the dolls came to life! ( another POOF and magic cloud )

And the dolls became a two day instilation at the world famous voodoo doughnuts in portland oregon. after the two days at voodoo doughnuts we moved the dolls to the Fifty 24PDX Gallery for a week prior to heading up to Seattle for the Dirty Politics art show at Art Primo. the dolls will reside thru election day and art primo!

Another set of dolls are presently being stuffed in Louisville KY. at for the Stranger Things Art show next Friday Oct. 28th and will be on display thru Nov. 18th.

the voodoo doughnuts event was very cool, it was mellow . I loved how we set up in the corner and let folks play with the dolls, and play they did… and doughnut customers from all over the world, and I mean that, voodoo doughnuts is a tourist attraction in oregon, one of if not theeee largest tourist location in portland, so, we had a lot of folks just wanting a doughnut and they were hit upside the head with two life sized voodoo dolls and fun political venting… and it was fun.

This project has been cathartic to hand stitch and stuff as I stress over the illusion of control politics offers… it’s cost me money and I really wish I could find a way to fund this shit… ugh. maybe think about hitting up my patreon page and dropping some e-coin.

I will vote…

I vote because I side with a civil society vs. uncivil.
thoughtful vs. thoughtless.

if the vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t fight so hard to manipulate it.

some fine press with nice photos…


Voodoo Doughnut Will Have Life-Size Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Voodoo Dolls This Week

You can poke them with wishes for Election Reform.


Put a pin in election reform: Hillary, Trump voodoo dolls let you pick (& prick) candidate

and this too…

Portland’s Voodoo Doughnut gets political with life-size voodoo dolls of Trump, Clinton


Prick Life-sized Clinton, Trump voodoo dolls in Louisville.

wait, one more just came in…. 

wanna buy a doll? I still have them for sale here:


and with massive credit to Stephanie Jayne Ulrich for making these events happen… without her push and pull and help these would have never happened… check her site out here:


and do yourself a fav and check out grimoire 666 :







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