May 9th – WHAT IS ART – Portland, Oregon

Whenever I’m deeply confused I turn to the art of the interview.
Present day politics has me deeply confused and even pained.

After talking with other creative freethinkers, sometimes titled artists, I thought that an event bringing us all together to converse, to ask, to tell stories of creative triumph or even tragic loss might help with our collective confusion or achieve nothing more than even more confusion…. Then again, it might offer relief to be among others struggling with their next effort in expression.

I feel there is a power and freedom within the “art” world, a freedom and power that is constantly under attack or that some corporation is looking to tap.

I ask that you join me in telling your side of the creative coin or, just come and hang out and take it all in.

We will be recording the audio of the event for as well as attempting to gather as many short videos on the subject of what art is… This includes the idea of free thought/speech.

I will hope to see you Tuesday may 9th at the Clinton street theater in Portland, Oregon.




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