I died…

And the tree ate me
And the worm joined in
And ate me too

And the tree had a seed
And continued to eat me.

And the bird ate the worm
from under the tree that ate me…
After I ate the seed
from the apple that fell
from the cousin of the tree that ate me.

Time passed
that bird shit
The Me
The seed
the worm who helped the tree eat me.
The tree ate…
And it’s friend
And it’s neighbor
And the leaves
And the grass
And ground too…

We are one.
We are tree food.
And sometimes worm food
That becomes bird food
That turns into more tree food.

I hugged the tree
And at
And in
the end
The tree hugged me.

And the tree will hug you too.

The tree
gives the biggest
longest hug

The tree
Hungers for death
To consume death

Deaths embrace
The trees roots
Tooth and claw.
giving life
eating death.
selfless and selfish
life and death

The trees seed will eat you,
your seed and me too.

Roots are tooth and claw.

The tree
Apex number one

The tree
Mother number one


My bones…
It’s branch.

My blood…
It’s sap.

My death…
It’s life.

We feel the blade of grass crack…
Like a branch or a broken back

And our kin’s breath in the wind

We are everything
We are one.
We are nothing
Less than one.

zero sum

The tree grows thru
Fallen Skyscrapers
Erected on fields of cut down trees

The tree grows thru
Buildings built on
A thousand dormant seeds…
on fields of cut down trees.

Breathe out
And the tree breaths in.

And I sat on an old tree stump
Of the father of the cousin of the tree who ate me

And the tree drank me
And the tree spoke too.
All it’s Knowledge
All it knew…

That tree said to me…

I will grow thru you
I will grow to you
I will grow tall
And I can grow small
But you can not.

the tree told me…
there is not one way for me the tree.
I go both ways
My branches
My bark
And my leaves
All ways.
all or nothing
Is everything
for me the tree.

The trees greed is grounded.
The trees greed all giving.

And your buildings matter not.

And that there tree
The tree speaking to me
The tree who ate me

told me
A secret
Of your life
And my life
And it’s life too…

We are food.
We are one.

I ate an apple From the cousin of
The tree that ate me…

the bird who lived in
The tree that would eat me
Waited and Watched
the apple
Its seed
The worm that ate the same Apple as me…

The bird with patience of the tree
the tree who would eat me
waited for the eaten Apples drop…

And that bird ate the worm
And seeds from that Apple too.
And that bird flew
And grew
And lived to eat another day…

And time passed
And the bird passed…

And the tree who ate me
ate the bird
That ate the worm
That ate the apple
Who helped the tree
Eat me.

And the tree ate me
And the tree will you too


bellow are some photos of textile art I was inspired to create based on the tree ate me.

meet the tree are me wall hanging… 50″x50″ with a bit of chainstitch’d words on the back.

meet the first pillow for the tree ate me, it’s 24″x20″ with inspired words chainstitch’d on the back.

the first three aprons inspired by the tree ate me… get it, apron, tree eating me. ha.. HA! I tell ya!

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