fabric art: tree ate me quilt, pillow and approns

here are some photos of textile art I was inspired to create based on the tree ate me.

It never seems to be one thing that inspires… this project is no different.

living in a zipcode that is a logger paradise, surrounded by trees or bald spots on hills and mountains where the trees have been cut, watching log trucks, full, drive by every 15 min makes you think, well, it made me think.

how we need the trees, to breath and if we cut away enough of them, we will choke out and die… while the tree re-populates feasting of our demise.

the insperation to work with fabric art came to me over a decade ago, when I first started filming… one of the first subjects I filmed was a quilt show in the small town of ely, mn. – after seeing the detailed artistry that went into quilt-making and the feel of the final piece I dreamed of a day I might make a quilt… my fabric practice started with the prez. candidate voodoo dolls I made… these are my first efforts at actual fabric art.

I do hope you enjoy.

meet the tree are me wall hanging… 50″x50″ with a bit of chainstitch’d words on the back.

meet the first pillow for the tree ate me, it’s 24″x20″ with inspired words chainstitch’d on the back.

the first three aprons inspired by the tree ate me… get it, apron, tree eating me. ha.. HA! I tell ya!

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