what a time in US history… summer 2017

seems like I have warned, cried and gone on about this for 20 plus years… me, my wife and all of the street and underground art and artists that is.

“this” being boiling anger and spill over rage and hate.

I plan on adding a third LIBERTY statue, IGNORE. but as most of the large plans I make, I can’t always get to them.

below you’ll find photos of both sculptures as well as their separate descriptions.

think vote, voting and vote reform… think listen and talk… think about not telling people how to act or what to think and just find something you can relate to, start there… relate… then try and visit the root of the issue.

ok, back to the art…



Summer 2017 – America. One half of my liberty flight or fight sculpt. I wish it weren’t true but more and more Americans feel terror from within. Not a great feeling.



Summer 2017 – America. The other half of my liberty flight or fight sculpt. Im not really sure why folks want to be violent and I understand violence well… Violence is kin and still I don’t get why others feel so free to speak vile, violent ideas in vile violent times… This isn’t a video game and it’s far from movie violence.

Talk it out, fuck it out and don’t be angry and those who have someone to fuck… wish it weren’t true but more and more Americans feel hate of self and those around them. Not a great feeling.

Fight with your mind, idea and ideals… Anything else is submission to the powers that be.

I would sell the set for $2000.

click on any of the images below to see them larger, click on them a second time to see them even larger.

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