RARE, NOW! Accepting Commissions…


For a limited time I’ll be Accepting Commissions… that means I will take suggestions and directions for your much needed art attitude adjustment.

Im open to sculpt or embroider or create a wall hanging quilt or hight art pillow for you or your loved ones.

Commissions start at $1000.

I can do most and make and create more than.

I have an excellent imagination and a direct line to the occult underworld and mystical, sometimes I’m even open to lay down a curse… just saying.

I can complete most by Dec 15th if you book your request soon.

Below you will find photos and even a video of work I have made for others specific to their request.

I have never opened up commissions to the public and on your demand… I will close this offer in 30 days.

Looking to raise $5000.00 in a few weeks for a something I can not avoid nor do I want to… I will reveal the news/reason mid October.

I have also listed a bunch of completed sculptures and original artwork for sale at Please take a look… Willing to make a deal for any multiple item purchase: https://www.artworkofprophecy.com/

here are a few links to items I’ve made for others or samples of what I can do for you…


The beast in the devil and the devil in the beast…


fabric art: tree ate me quilt, pillow and approns

ART: the premier lodge of the infernal, eternal No.33/666 – tarot box pt. 1

ART: to increase, to prosper with divine sanction.

ART: Black Metal Blender

ART: anti

ART: david h. stocky viking funerary hammer

ART: black mass bowls

ART: ritual smoking de-Vice pt. 1, 2 & 3

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