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chain-stitched hoodie of my homeless ex-blood brother.

begun as a project to practice the art of chain stitching, this jacket grew into a piece of multiple meanings, feelings and emotions.

I’ll try and explain…


part 1 – HUMANITY

I needed to use the hoodie that was left behind by my blood brother (ex-brother) who was homeless and staying in and out of shelters and on the street.

when I look at the jacket the homeless history of myself and two of my younger brothers washed over me, my mind.

I’m not ashamed and yet I still feel the need to explain the homeless moments in my life… it wasn’t drugs or booze or crime that took my brothers or myself down… I’m still not totally sure of all the reasons, abusive bad parenting is a start.

After a visit to one of my brothers, I remember crying on a public train, I was balling my eyes out thinking “what have we become, what lost potential, why” and as a person on that train looked over and smirked I remember thinking to myself …

“I’m not crying for me, I cry for you, the collective you”

And I still struggle to understand how people keep entering a rat race in an effort of survival as they knowingly leave others behind, as the collective you wastes the potential of the whole of humanity for petty existence.

a grain of sand pretending to be a rock.

I still cry for the entirety of human kind and the lack of unity for petty return..
and trust that I DO understand most reasons behind our divide… what’s troubling to me is how the simplicity of unity and love overcoming most odds is not recognized by so many.

part 2 – JUSTICE

above was the first stage of my intent , next I started putting my ideas into a plan for the chain stitched jacket…

and the thought of human divide and chainstich was toiled over…

as the state of the nation I reside seemed to decline into deep divide and bitter hate.

the culture wars have bubbled up to the mainstream and the vision of witch burning, book burning and attacks on free thought overwhelmed me.

I imagine friends and family and me being taken away, artists killed in stadiums as they are forced to sing their songs of peace and unity… brother vs. brother, there is no civil war.

I needed a pacifist battle jacket.

a jacket that might help give strength and pride as the memories of persecution for thoughts and actions the working class are not afforded danced in my head.

I needed a jacket that would turn a bullet or spilled blood into a lesson.

and as the bullet enters the snake and exits the wilting flower thru my back, the world will cry, not for the individual but for what WE have become… the blood that might stain the jacket will curse the blood of humankind to a million years of painful thought.

or, if the mind glass is half full…
this jacket will encourage and invoke my heart and mind and creative force (some call spirit) to overcome anxiety and depression…
my personal divide repaired and duality remains.

I’m sort of a free thought fanatic if there can be such a thing…
all conversation that lead to control of free thought and ultimately control of progressive, evolutionary human potential are conversations that are dinosaur and will lead to the rebirth of the tar-pits.

trees remain.

give to the future.
it’s never too late
for the future.

for you, me, maybe…
but until that day,
I must use my hart
and mind,
creative incline.

I must grow
I will rot.

slowly we gro
slower we rot.

the collective you
that becomes we
if only when we rot.

tree food.


the snakes are symbols of creative force, rebirth, transformation, healing and immortality… the egyptian cobra is a symbol of divine creative authority.

the heart and mind are all I have.
the snakes are the carnal mind… the biblical idea that creation (society) is against it and the snake against the control of society.

the chicago star under my left arm is chicagoan first..
the number 69 indicated my need for love thru self-love.
the upside-down 322 is the breaking of the skull and the bones.

the king diamond cross under my right arm represents free thought and liberty.
the wild inside.

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