21 years old we are… happy birthday to us.

21 years… “our marriage is old enough to drink” says amy – funny we’ve never drank so little.

we’ve generously shared most of our life together, on-line and in books, so it’s hard to come up with a memory I feel hasn’t been told and told again and honestly I’m sick of my past and the stories from it.

I’m not sure how amy has done it. sticking around and putting up with me I’m sure isn’t easy, I find it close to impossible myself and I’m me!

what I can state is my love and respect for amy knows no bounds.

if I believed in hope I’d hope to always know and grow with amy, remembering our times, good and bad, forever and a day.

if I believed in wishes I’d wish for 24hrs a day access… we once had that, we once shared every day together working, living, loving and struggling together side by side… yea, I’d wish for that again if a wish could be wish’d and granted without grovel.

when we met, amy wouldn’t eat a piece of fish unless it was a fried shrimp… as our marriage grew, the meal we would make when we had company was “stacked enchiladas”. today I’ll make amy dinner for her return from work, and it won’t be fried and it won’t be a stacked enchilada, though I entertained a meal of nostalgia… today I’ll pick up a fresh caught fish from our local fish monger and a steak from the butcher… and flowers, of course flowers… I’ve always loved picking out the flowers for our days and life… I did the flower arrangements for our wedding reception after all.

yep, today, 21 years ago, we were married in south carolina where the first shot of the bloodiest conflict in US history happened and the civil war was started… the gazebo at white point gardens looked out at fort sumter.

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