new soda pop!!! sugar and satan walk hand in hand.

Soda pop!?!

Producing a new soda that will hit the PNW streets spring of 2018.

As you may or may not know, I had produced a soda pop that turned into a soda company over a decade ago.

The company lasted two years, then the internet hit this small town, they found I was a pal of Anton LaVey with evil art leanings, death threats and a shunning came and we were run out of town in the middle of the night.

I am not joking… We were run out of a town IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT for being artists and aggresive atheists.

It wasn’t fun.

The soda was fun, it was also one of the most awful things I’d ever done… It was selling possible disease when I sold food coloring and sugar… And when I’d tell folks it was bad for them, they’d laugh and buy more.

I am not joking… I’d sell more soda when I told folks soda wasn’t good for them.

Recently I ran into a few really great artists… pure and beautiful human beings.

The soda was a topic of conversation and that conversation grew into an idea and then a plan.

We’d make a sodapop that tells people the harmful side effects of sugar and food coloring.

As voxx romana, one of the artist who signed on to do a label suggested for a company Moto – “Soda is bad but this shit tastes great.”

The company is called SUGAR WATER SODA and the labels will have artwork from the most amazing artists from the Portland area.

If this perfectly con-cocted soda takes off and sells well, all funds will go to the arts community of Portland… we will donate profits to lower income areas and broke ass artists.

I do hope you’ll join us for this ride.


Participating label artists include…

SKAM (driving force and head of cooperations)

Sincanvas (fine artist and friend of the devil)

Kitska ( patron saint of sweet)

Satan’s Spawn (perfectionist)

VOXX ROMANA (cultural guide on the jam side)

INDECLINE ( masters of no masters/extreme don’t fuck with focus)

And Me, Shane Bugbee (bleeding heart predator, Lucifer in disguise and between your thighs.)

huge vector and design help thank-you as always to my pal and co-lab man – the tim smith for the below as above label you see here.

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