It is part of my WILTED project… You might see more of this in 2018.

The Wilted Flower Folklore
The Whore – The Abused
Your Wilt is Predator’s Prey
Wilt NO More.

The folklore I’ve read is the abused cary their own mark, a wilt… it is noticeable and it seized upon by the predator.

A betrayal of trust… maybe family, maybe friend, maybe a person of power…The abused walks away wilted,  and the shop keeper sees the wilt and continues the abuse… you lose self and, wilt along wondering is it you, never seeing your wilt in the mirror.

Small towns offer a perverse group abuse unlike the city pimp or rouge cop… the small town colludes, gossips and gathers for group abuse… the lynch mob is real.

I offer an artists proof edition on my sales website, artworkofprophecy.com … I also sell an enamel pin of the same art.

This print was made for @deadmatterpress  print exchange right here in beautifully grey Portland Oregon.

If you look thru the gallery of photos bellow you’ll see the image on this print was taken from a chainstiched jacket I made and have listed here: http://www.shanebugbee.com/?p=3848



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