school shooting as art… or in the absence of.

While most try to make the school shooter topic a simple one, it is not.

There are many items of debate that make up a school shooter… and then there are facts.

School shootings are most definitely about mental illness. You can start with the fact that most school shooters were diagnosed prior to the shooting.

We can then move on to most school shooters expressed themselves and their needs prior to shooting… they gave multiple cries for help.

This would lead to a theory that the school shooters are not getting the attention they need… I think this is a symptom of the overworked society we live… be it for greed or need, trading five days of work for two days off to spend with family and loved ones isn’t healthy for a family… especially because one of your two days off is for self rest and reset, the second day is usually spent catching up on chores or in a rush to find meaning in life, maybe that’s thru art… maybe a football game.

An interesting fact that I found when researching the Columbine school shooting was, art programs being cut and removed from schools had a direct correlation with the rise in school shooting.

Athletic programs remained as art programs were removed.

Most school shooters are not into the athletic programs, are not into sports and, are usually bullied by those in the sports programs… jocks are a target for the school shooter for a reason.

Art and its true purpose are important.

Another is the need of human touch… the absolute need to feel the warmth of a human… call it love, call it what you want… warm hugs are as needed as water.
I used to joke that if we decriminalized prostitution and opened up the brothels again this might offer up an outlet for the need of human touch and warmth… I hear in the cowboy days when a boy hit puberty their father would take them to a brothel… maybe that is a moment of realization and appreciation of life and the pleasures you can find living a full life.

Guns being accessible is an issue… but I’m sure it’s not the only issue.

You don’t see the school shooter in other cultures… the POC communities haven’t the issue of school shooters that the white community has.

I theorize that is due to culture or the lack thereof.

America has little to no culture… maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve searched for it, full time for at least thirty years and have yet to find an American culture that hasn’t been suppressed and driven into the underground.

POC cling to an old world culture, the beliefs they brought to America from their country of origin.

This in and of itself might explain why POC don’t have a school shooter epidemic.

Probably not.

As I stated I. The beginning of this note… It’s seldom that deep issues are easily or simply explained.

When someone is trying to simplify a complex issue they are presenting their bias whether it is fear based, political or identity driven (need to belong/identify with a peer group.)

I feel this is the result of religious influence. (Religion being one of my political fetishes)

Religion serves to give simple answers and direction to a complex existence.

The reverberation of religious influence might be why debate in the USA lacks nuance or much thought beyond a simple answer.

No one is listening.
Everyone is a preacher.

Or maybe it’s men aren’t listening and are the typical micro-preacher they have become.

Maybe it’s white men who aren’t listening.

Maybe it’s the poor and ignorant by societal design who haven’t the ability to understand much more than simple.

Maybe it’s Justifiable, repressed anger at a system that doesn’t seem to include the lowest classes. (Class struggle and issues are another of my political fetishes.)

I don’t know.
But I fear those who THINK they do based on a moment of tragedy and the following news reports.

I trust with a skeptical mind those who study a subject, who are obsessed by a subject.

No one is listening.
Everyone is a preacher.

Maybe one sliver in the rise of school shootings correlates with the obsolescence of our education system.

No one is listening.
Everyone is a preacher.

I wonder what Chomsky has to say about school shooters.

I wonder who will replace Chomsky.

No one is listening.
Everyone is a preacher.

How did I end up researching school shooters for a decade?

I was a school shooter before it was cool
I never shot.
But I sure wanted to.

I was alone.
Picked on at home.
Picked on at school.

And no one helped.
The adults who could see the harassment.
The expressions and cries for help seemed ignored.

What is art?
Is art important in human development?

One of the most important ways art functions is as a form of communication… but not in the art school, cliche way.

Art is for those who have a hard time communicating… or for communicating subjects that are hard to speak outloud.

Art starts brute, raw and full of struggle… all else is derivative.

Fund art.
Bring art back to the school and hold it as high as math and science.

It’s a start.

Art Saves Lives.

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