new podcast!!! artdrop radio is LIVE!!

it’s been a long time since I’ve done a podcast.

super long time… at least it feels that way.


I’ve presented the podcast in as a “season”… a phrase from the days of TV programing… I should have come up with a new word… WE should come up for a new word.

this is a 10 episode study on street art and portland street art of today.

I did and am doing this as a journalistic endeavor and a social study… ahhh, there are many reason for my efforts most of which I find out after the fact.

at this moment, I guess the one thing that stands out is my quest for a truth… and justice when a wrong is addressed. understanding and presenting the side of an argument that isn’t presented by those in power.

I don’t dig most gatekeepers… hell, I don’t like any gatekeepers… I adore guides.

the overriding theme of these 10 podcasts seems to be class issues within street art… how the upper middle class has take the name street art and sold the technical style out to shoe companies.

I’m blown away by the trampling of the poor, not within society, that shit is to be expected… it is within the arts where this seems so obscene.

art is a form of expression, and it’s important that those without a voice have options to express themselves… the street is what they have… the galleries are for the rest.

I don’t know, I feel art is important, very important, next to love the most important… filling street walls with abstract aerosol art for realtors is at the best it’s gross and at the worse it’s white noise in a sea of cries from the poor and it seems 1000x worse when you label it street art, don a fashionable mask and make important and sometime what some might consider dangerous messages safe for the bourgeoisie and their reality investments.

having technical abilities to make art doesn’t make one an artist.

huge thanx to my good friend Christine Snider of

Christine loves art to her core and find art to be as important to human kinds evolution as I do. She gave her time and knowledge to make the artdrop website to happen and has been of great inspiration to me.

please do check out

here are some photos from this hunk/chunk/load of audible shows…


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