Never liked the way Bushwick Bill was marketed.

I interviewed the Geto boys about 30 years ago and found Bushwick Bill to be a genius over joke… This past Sunday, it was cool to celebrate his life & story through art & voodoo doughnuts! (Yes, Voodoo did a Bushwick doughnut!!) I was happy to host and celebrate Bushwick bill yesterday. I was honored and privileged to see the super street cut sneak peek of the new documentary Bushwick bill Geto boy…

Bill obviously trusts the filmmaker… Trust is rare from an underground perspective & that is what makes this doc rare in itself.

We made a back drop with RAIN CITY for the event and Bushwick himself helped us out… Huge thanks to Rain City for all the time and hard work.

Thanks to the CLINTON THEATER for being so rad as always. PDX, approach them… Do things… Support!

Thanks to Sincanvas and SKAM For showing up with offerings from the streets for bill… Bill loved Skam’s GET OUT shirt and for sure dug Sincanvas’ public display out in front of the venue where sin cut apart a cloth banner with differing bushwick inspired stencils and tacked them to the polls around the venue.

Warm love filled thanks as always to my partner and wife @amy_bugbee for all of the help and encouragement.

Shit, that was a hell of a night and awesome as fuck. Oh, and I also recorded a podcast with bill the night before the event… it’s up on artdropradio.com .

I on the other hand found the filmmaker to be a total dickhead. A person who didn’t pay Bill for his performance and has some sort of exploitive deal with bill. The filmmakers are typical careerists, looking to attach themselves to a star in hopes of obtaining money and power.

There’s a longer story about the drama between myself and the filmmaker, but the basic fact is, they skipped town without settling the event. They created one elaborate lie after another to create a situation where they didn’t pay Bill for the favor he did for them and their film/investment… ooooh it gets worse, but the one fact that I felt was over whelming and cruel was when the filmmakers dropped Bill off at my home, telling me they were checking out of their room and would be over to talk about the door money and expenses in an hour, only to leave town without a hint of concern.

Bill of course was welcome in my home and welcome to stay as long as he needed… but to assume I could afford one dollar above what I had already put out to host the event was a bit rude, and beyond… but yeah, I put this down here so others might know…


Kyra Kowasic and  Greg Roman aka  Gregy Roman – filmmakers from the L.A. industry known as hollywood… so, not real artists, filmmakers not to be trusted.



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