ART: rose bowl 13

made with: bones I found along the roadside in roseburg, oregon, ‘the clay’ and a smashed patriotic bowl and some hand made dave archer beads.

size: the bowl is 13″ in diameter and aprox 6.5″ tall

story: quite literally the entire bttm of the bowl is bones covered with ‘the clay’… like skin hung over bones. wish I had pics of it in the early stages, before so much of the bones were covered… I do have video, someday I just might post.

I started the bowl in roeseburg, or. and I finished it in seaview, wa. you might be able to tell by the ‘markings’ in ‘the clay’ that it was finished on the beach… I guess I’m telling youz about the locations and stuff cuz I heard once that paintings and sculptures were a form of documentation, and I wasn’t sure I could always agree with that – I think I’m starting to get it, maybe not… but it’s worth a try, no?

you can click on any image to see it bigger and then, click it again to see it even larger and click it a third time for full size.
**360ยบ video coming soon!

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