eaT american revoluTTion wiTh Two T’s.

eaT american revoluTTion wiTh Two T’s – a cookie jar.

Started a few sculptures close to 10 years ago as a curse to america.

this is one of them… it is a cookie jar.

I had left this unfinished and untouched for over 7 years.

thinking a curse started and not finished might not be cool and with the politics of the day and the doom and gloom and despair in the air I thought finishing this WITH PEACEFUL INTENT might cure any curse I threw.

I have a second piece from this period I will work on finishing before the first of the year.

name: ©USA 2018

size: 20″ tall x 14″ wide

made with: sculpting materials, resin cast liberty arms, military metals, smashed 1976 “collectible” putter metal americana, nails, brass lady liberty, sea shells, broken americana, collectible plate



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