Guillotine Flags of Request.

art of the guillotine show, 8 guillotine flags… wtf?

8 guillotine flags here, I have one more flag, fora total of nine, that was conceptual for this show. If I’m able to present the art of the guillotine again, I will include that flag.

size: 3′ x 5′

made with: red satin, the most popular white shirt fabric, heavy duty… I’ll get the specific details if you are interested in buying.

pretty sure I can not figure out where I came up with this idea… guess no surprise as google and/or twitter stores my memory, hmmmm I bet if YOU trace my steps back YOU can figure it out.

I remember wanting to make flags ever since I bought one at a souvenir shop the day I was wed… when I took to fiber arts that idea has clung… and now it is seeing life.

the idea for THESE FLAGS??? of course, american politics. the great class divide. the absurdity that folks with way too much seem to have no gauge as to what is way too much… its hard to explain the many, many reasons that go into one piece of art… seems an injustice to the idea to try and explain it, but here I am. the flags are not therapy art as they might seem, the flags are my interpretation and channeled projection of the american vibe from a lower middle class, upper low class with a jr. high educated psychic perspective.

  • any of the flags below for $1000.
  • the set of 8 for $6666.99
  • I will make you a flag of commission ( we work out the phrase) for $1000

The process for producing these flags was a lot of cutting and sewing… I received my biggest help from artist Krystlesaurus, she showed me how to make a flag that would look like a flag, stitched the flags… I then screen printed the flags, cut the satin letters and stitched those to the flag.

Krystlesaurus flag pattern for free down load, here:  Flags pattern



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