my two art shows in one day…

two art openings on the same, single day.

  • same single artist, me.
  • Same single musical performers: hiphop artist KayelaJ & DJ BKaye
  • two very different artshows… photos of both, below.

the art of the guillotine and other class horror stories was and is a show that represents the political anxiety of the USA… that was the pure emotion that drove the work, upsetting headlines and human political disaster… not a paranoid ramble but prophetic rage is what I feel after the show.

8 hand sewn guillotine flags, 5 bank bag sculptures, 5 bank bag screen-prints, a 10′ guillotine, resin cast liberty shanks and nine guillotine prints framed in hand made guillotine frames.



Huge thanks to my wife Amy ( ) and Arron over at Hesher Park:  Thanx to Amy who designed, sawed, milled and pland the entire guillotine, she also built it with the assistance of Arron at Hesher Park. Mause 86’d assisted in the painting of the guillotine.


The second art show The Evil That We Live And The Evil Within: The Propaganda Of Shane Bugbee And The Art Of His Friends’  Local PDX artists riff off of my CHRISTIANS BEWARE ( ) art print, the show also represented the trinkets, the merchandising, the art that sells vs. the art that kills… this show I invited local portland artists to share the opportunity of walls to show art & at the same time keep the focus on ME! haha… all the artist riffed off of my xitan beware art print… they all turned out so very cool. it was an honor and all of these artist are fun and talented and the youthful future I count on to take care of me.

the art of the guillotine was and is an art show I did and am willing to do again. I only wish the message projected to power larger and longer.

I hope the guillotine show inspires a guillotine revival. I’ve been told since the show there has been more and more guillotine sitings… weeeee! TO SEE THE PICS OF THIS SHOW, GO HERE:

These shows were really fun to do. They were an honor… they were settling and satisfying.

thankfully we moved from a small town and back into a city. a city, where one might find ones self and no-one around them really notices… where one might find their kin or those who might welcome them in. city life, nothing else like it.

to see the show info, go here:

pictures of the shows…


KaylaJ & DL BKaye @ future shock in PDX




PHOTOS: The Evil That We Live And The Evil Within: The Propaganda Of Shane Bugbee And The Art Of His Friends… ( TO SEE THE ORIGINAL PRINT THE ART BELOW IS RIFFING OFF OF… CHECK: )








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