ART: Black Metal Blender

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story: Below you’ll find a short interview with the VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF and photos of my BLACK METAL BLENDER – custom made for the VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF!

you can click on any image to see it bigger and then, click it again to see it even larger and click it a third time for full size.
**360ยบ video coming soon!


QUESTION: what is art?

VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF: To me art is creative self expression.

QUESTION: how do you choose your art, the art you create?

VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF: I use art to give various information or talents I have to offer in a way that people can digest it most easily. When you present art, it as if you have cooked something up and presented it to someone. What did you cook up? Something that will feed them or a pile of your own excrement? How did you make it taste? You can coat a pile of shit in bbq sauce and so long as you only lick the surface, it will probably taste mostly like sauce. If you attempt to feed on it, you are in for a surprise though.

QUESTION: are aesthetics separate from art?

VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF: It can be, aesthetics can be separate from art if it is not creative self expression.

QUESTION: how do you decide on the aesthetics for VBMC?

VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF: I consider all of the aesthetics for VBMC a part of my creative self expression. Of course they are also taken from traditional black metal themes. It is used to make war against ignorance.

QUESTION: Black Metal being a Satanic art form, I need to ask… are you of any religion or a satanist specifically?

VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF: I Consider myself a non denominational mystic.

QUESTION: what are your thoughts on the knife you are holding and or shane’s art in general?

VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF: Its pretty fucking cool!!

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