AUDIO: three ring radio show, shows 107 through 120

here’s the end of the three ring radio run… looks like I’m missing some shows, if I find them I’ll add them to a separate post.


SHOW 107 – shane talks satan’s new years eve


SHOW 108 – interview with Jeff Penalty of Black Fag & replacement singer of The Dead Kennedys


SHOW 109 – interview with Joey Strange


SHOW 110 – interview with Matt Zane


SHOW 111 – shane talking with FOX Broadcasting with regards to consulting for the new omen film.


SHOW 112 – a special show regarding censorship, porn and rob and lizzy black’s prosecution.


SHOW 113 – shane on new zeland radio talking about June 6th 2006, talks to the S&M act to perform at satins new years eve and matt zane.


SHOW 114

Shane interviews Leyba regarding his appearence at the Radio Free Satan’s 666 Eve party in L.A June 5th we talk politics, Satanism, Indian life, Drugs & Pussy.


SHOW 115 – shane interviewed by a salt lake city news paper over june 6th 2006


SHOW 116 interview with forry ackerman as he takes us thru his museum and then out for pie at the world famous house of pies.


SHOW 117 – shane talks the aftermath and war after the june 6th 2006 event he threw.


SHOW 118

INDECLINE/BUMFIGHT creator Jailed!!! Shane breaks the story & talks direct with Ryan McPherson!


SHOW 119 – interview with Lizzy Black Borden from extreme associates and the start of the deal that brought shane to make the club satan porn.


SHOW 120 – shane¬†talks HATE him and his many theories as to why he is soooo hated. He also dishes dirt on the people, places & things he hate’s.

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