my bio, my c.v., my resume of sorts.

until the bio is finished, here are some quotes about me and my work you might find of interest or at least funny…

1. “So you think you’re thick skinned?….. Shane Bugbee & Michael Hunt Publishing has a magazine, fanzine, CD, video tape, book, postcard or transcript that will undoubtebly evoke anger, fear, disgust, or some combination of the three in even the most jaded.” – Genesis Magazine

2. Because Bugbee is so focused on first Amendment issues, his other politics can seem contradictory or even nonexistent. Gacy shouldn’t have been allowed to paint, but no one has the right to stop Bugbee from showing, buying, and selling those paintings. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted – The Chicago Reader

3. “Shane Bugbee, is a stocky, fast-talking Chicagoan whose company, Michael Hunt Publishing (think about it), sells transgressive comics, “evil candles,” and true-crime memorabillia… his quest for a buck stretches from Dana Plato’s dying breaths to photo ops for white supremacist Randy Weaver- SPIN

4. “There is a line in the ‘scene’ and in business you just don’t cross, and by all accounts he is firmly placed way the fuck on the other side of it.” –
Frank Kozik

5. “Shane Bugbee, a man with possibly the best and widest-ranging sense of humor in Chicago- New City

6. “I mailed him a check for $500 to get him off Feral House’s back…. Sondra London was not happy…. and was anxious to get the police involved.” –
Adam Parfry, Feral House

7. These overpriced, crudely drawn, shamelessly exploitive and wholly bereft of any redeeming value whatsoever excuses for comic book entertainment are the product of Shane “Michael Hunt” Bugbee of Chicago…… Maximum Rock-N- Roll

8. The Expo of the Extreme is a 3-Day celebration of all that is dark, underground and metallic. Clearly, Bugbee takes his Dionysian revelry seriously, and he’s throwing the best party in town – Jim DeRogatis/The Chicago Sun Times

9. Dana Plato’s relatives are furious over a sleazy Internet offering– a recording of her dying breath, porno pics of the “Diff’rent Strokes” star and a photo of her dead body! “We’re so angry over this CD and awful photo book!” – The National Enquirer

10. This is the person you need to warn your children about – Queen Latifa