timeline – stuff I’ve done did

this is a work in progress, I hope to have this cleaned up by jan 5th, 2014… I’m thinking I’ll be adding to it thru-out 2014 as i go thru the archives. questions? hit me up thru twitter.

1968 – born, lubbock texas
1984 – dropped out of high school
1985 – arrested and jailed for burglary
1987 – started and circulated anti-record warning label, anti-PMRC petition.
1988 – produced the first “Fuck the PMRC” t-shirts, my shirt made it on many a record cover and magazine due to overwhelming support of the musicians of the day, ice-t may have been the largest act to sport the shirt.
1989-95 – wrote for and helped to distribute rock out censorship
1990-95 – wrote for and helped to distribute free fest magazine
1990 – produced the highly ripped off “Just Doob It” t-shirt design, a parody of the “just do it” nike logo, tommy chong of cheech and chong endorsed the shirt.
1991 – promoted & organized my first concert event with Mary Morello of parents for rock and rap, metal band stygian and the illinois marijuana initiative
1991-93 – produced and published my first zine, Naked Aggression, 5-6 issues, featured the first interview the geto boys did with a white guy, or so they said. the zine revolved around the censorship issue and free thought.
1991 – invited to participate at the first lollapalooza, presented the underground press syndicate
1992 – invited to have a booth and participate at the guns and roses/metallica tour
1992-95 – milwaukee metalfest, curated artist and vendor booths, booked bands.
1992-95 – produced, published & co-authored the official milwaukee metalfest program guide.
1992 – briefly became an agent for john wayne gacy and his prison art
1992 – produced and promoted the last show at the old location of legendary punk club, the Exit in chicago, the show featured metal band macabre
1992-95 – booking bands, freefest, chicago
1992 – started working with mike diana
1992 – produced and published a screen printed art print “jumprope”, by Mike Diana
1992 – re-printed Boiled Angel 7 & ATE by Mike Diana
1993-94 – curated/managed the Underground Comix Hall of Fame, featuring r.crumb, s. clay willson, frank stack, jay lynch and many morechicago
1993 – co-published J.W. Gacy’s ‘Question of Doubt’
1993 – published superfly #1 by mike diana
1993 – published dixie do me #1 by lisa brosig
1993 – published frank phanton by mr.x
1993-94 – editor for chicago cartoon comix magazine
1993 – curator, manager for chicago cartoon and poster company, chicago
1993 – curated first frank kozik poster show in chicago
1994 – expert witness in the mike diana obscenity trial, florida
1994 – opened goat gallery in the metro, chicago
1994 – curated james o’barr art show, creator of the crow, goat gallery, chicago
1994 – curated lindsey kuhn poster show, goat gallery, chicago
1994 – curated mike diana’s first solo art show, goat gallery, chicago
1994 – created the Underground Press Conference an off shoot of the Underground Press Syndicate I did for the lollapalooza fest & Mary Kunts press the feminine, poetic side of Mike Hunt Publishing
1995 – curated frank kozik, mans ruin/franks birthday poster show in the metro with killdozer, steel pole bathtub and molly mcguire at goat gallery, chicago
1995 – curated t.a.z. poster show in the metro on frank koziks birthday part with killdozer, steel pole bathtub and molly mcguire at goat gallery, chicago
1995 – produced and published the official milwaukee metalfest CD featuring the first release from death metal band sixfeetunder
1995 – published Cherry Bomb Revolution by mike diana
1996 – published might is right w/ anton lavey forward, preface by katja lane and afterword by george eric hawthorn
1996 – published extermination zone, by randall phillip
1996 – published the worst of boiled angel my mike diana
1996 – expert witness vs. dr.dre & interscope. records.
1996 – produced and gave away 200,000 free CDs for mike hunt music, 1. Music To Burn Churches To, featuring Black Sabbaths Geezer Buttler side project g/z/r, 2. Music To Kill Your Parents With featuring Slayer and 3. Music To Raise The Devil With featuring Carnivore.
1996-97 – M.F. magazine, an off-shoot of the milwaukee metalfest program guide, this was free with 10,000-20,000 of each issue distributed thruout the metal underground and the streets of chicago.
1996-97 – co-founder and promoter of Poop Studios, gallery and event space, chicago
1997 – anton lavey awarded shane with the title reverend in his church
1997-03 – created evilnow, a t-shirt and novelty company producing t-shirts, pint & shot glasses, over 2 dozen designs, national distribution.
1997 – published, uncovered – an intimate look at america’s original queen of kink, betty page, VHS
1997 – created evil candles, a companion to evilnow.com – produced fine, screen printed, glass candles featuring anton lavey, aleister crowley, betty page and many more.
1997-98 – Zine Fest, chicago
1997 – produced and co-founded the expo of the extreme #1 featuring the first black metal from europe to hit the states, mentors first show without elduce, fangs first show out of prison, porn stars, punk, metal, art, zines, vendors *original headliner venom was paid double not to play our event and to play for my old partner, jack koshick and the milwaukee metal fest.
1997 – produced, published, designed and co-authored the expo of the extreme program guide.
1997-99 – produced, promoted, organized & curated the court of porn #1-3 featuring porn stars seka, houston, coral sands, jill kelly, claudia chase, artists king velveeda, shane swank, john howard, the masterbating guy, the band mustache.
1998-2000 – produced, published and designed the mike hunt monitor, a newsletter
1999- thanked on a buzzev•on CD/LP
1998-99 – produced, published, co-authored and designed, Chicago At Night free adult newspaper, distributed 20,000-40,000 of the six individual issues that were published.
1998 – produced and published a signed and numbered limited edition screen print with porn star Seka and artist king velveeda
1998 – co-produced cradle of filth concert, chicago
1999 – published, co-authored dana platos last breath book and cd
1999 – produced and promoted expo of the extreme #2 featuring motorhead, jello biafra, marky ramone, fang
1999 – published, compiled, authored the trench coat diaries, magazine and VHS by Shane Bugbee
1999 – produced, published and co-authored parody/prank site – danaplatocult.com
2000 – art and zines used in the john cusack, jack black film High Fidelity
2000 – published contrasting views of people living within an artistic lifestyle, by matt zane
2000 – asst. producer credit, broadcast t.v. docudrama, after diff’rent strokes: when the laughter stopped
2001 – ANSWER Me! #4, by Jim Goad 2001 (reprint)
2001 – published superfly #2 by mike diana
2001 – published bad pill’s, by sverre h kristensen
2001 – published singles and seconds by king velveeda
2001 – published slipknot comic #1 – howard stern = shit by, tony kelly
2001 – angry white male tour with mike diana, jim goad, the boone brothers and skitzo – seattle, portland, san francisco, reno, santa barbara, los angeles, san diego, las vegas, san antonia and austin
2001- thanked on an electric wizard CD/LP
2001-07 – started my novelty pin company, sinpin/pintooth, created 1000 1″ pin designs and pressed over 300,000 pins.
2002 – produced and hosted the might is right 24 hr radio special, some say this was the first ever 24hr internet broadcast. doug mesner co-host
2002 – published might is right w/ anton lavey forward, preface by katja lane, afterword by george eric hawthorn, illustrations, doug mesner
2002 – might is right book signing, detroit, with doug mesner
2002-06 – hosted three ring radio, a show among the first wave of podcasts, eventually producing over 120 episodes.
2004 – published, co-authored cooking with a serial killer, with dorothea puente
2004 – took over as owner/operator, internet radio station, radio free satan
2004-06 – true crime warped minds, true crime talk and presentation featuring various guest.
2004 – produced and promoted the jean shepherd fest featuring the actors from the film a christmas story, hammond, in.
2004 – compiled, produced and published – I don’t wanna die! true crime dvd
2005-07 – created ely elixer blueberry and raspberry soda pop company
2005 – produced, compiled, edited and authored, true crime warped minds audio assault volume 1 CD
2005 – speaker/presentation at the festival of the dead, salem, ma.
2006 – featured in the book, art that kills by george petros
2006 – published ely pride arts and entertainment magazine, ely, minnesota
2006 – filmed, edited and produced news pieces for ely minnesotas public access channel.
2006 – ely pride podcast, the first podcast out of the northwoods/iron range
2006 – compiled, authored and published true crime warped minds vol.1
2006 – published might is right w/ anton lavey forward, peter gilmore afterword
2006 – asst. producer credit, broadcast t.v. documentary and DVD extra for the film, the omen – Revelation 666
2006 – produced, promoted, speaker at satan’s rocking 666 eve, los angeles
2006 – published the advasary, a newspaper to celebrate june 6th 2006 – 6/6/06!
2006 – produced and published radio free satan’s 666-6: 6th birthday CD Spectacular
2006 – produced and edited 666 eve DVD – documenting the radio free satan 6/6/06 event in l.a.
2007-present – produce, publish and design the extreme times, an irregular publication produced to promote, propagate and explain large, not so typical and sometimes complex events I do.
2007 – co-wrote and directed, club satan: the witches sabbath
2007 – talent/distribution deal with adam curry’s podshow network for project a year at the wheel
2007 – created adamcurryisadouchebag.com ( http://adamcurryisadouchbag.blogspot.com/ ) after adam and his company podshow tried to strong arm the idea from the wife and I.
2007-08 – produced, edited over 150 short, documentary style profiles for project a year at the wheel, hitting the road w/ only $180.
2008 – straight talk to hell express, train trip from portland or. to washington d.c., filming/interviews on the week before election day
2008-09 – hosted anti-art camp featuring dave archer, steven leyba, steve hapy, ruby larocca, doug mesner myself & amy bugbee, long beach, wa.
2009 – showed/displayed art @ the surreal artshow, astroia, oregon
2009 – featured speaker, dark arts: a look at uncompromising and controversial works of 5 artists, featuring: william morrison of skinny puppy, shane & amy bugbee, dave archer, steven leyba, doug mesner mass art’s pozen center, boston, ma.
2010 – showed/displayed art @ the visual art exchange, raleigh, north carolina
2010 – host of this is mania! radioshow for pirate radio station, kaos radio in austin, tx., produced 21, 2hr shows.
2010 – n.y. times best selling author, Jodi Picoult mentions shane and his book cooking with a serial killer in the introduction of her book, house rules
2011 – joined the advisory board for The Center for Healing Spiritual & Cultic Abuse with Michael Shermer, Douglas Rushkoff
2012 – speaker, the first pirate party conference, politics: share, remix, reboot – democracy center, harvard sq., cambridge, ma.
2012 – produced, promoted, hosted, spoke and presented short films @ WTF fest, featuring john sinclair, dave archer, dave densmore, ugly shyla, esmerelda strange and the bugbees, seattle, portland, eugene and astoria
2012 – produced, published and co-authored the WTF chapbook featuring, john sinclair, dave densmore, mike ix williams, ugly shyla, shane and amy bugbee and many more
2012 – filmed footage used in west of memphis, by peter and fran jackson
2013 – co-authored, edited, produced and published the book and movie (booovie) the suffering and celebration of life in america
2013 – art camp, dave archer, brent durand and their tesla coil, the bugbees and their new film and book presentation, sou’wester, long beach, wa.
2013 – featured speaker for the cultural studies club, harvard, cambridge, ma.
2013 – wrote the piece “unmasking lucien greaves…” for vice magazine.
2013 – developed, edits and authors the art based website creativeclasstrumpsrulingclass.com
2013 – produced, published and designed, 101 vanilla recipes cookbook by amy bugbee
2013 – featured speaker, let’s talk satan, serial killers & the death of dana plato, at nerdmelt showroom, los angeles w/ rick shapiro
2013 – one man show, let’s talk satan, serial killers & the death of dana plato, at the vortex, sanfrancisco
2014 – xtian beware screen-printed art print
2014 – the internet archive adds the book and film, the suffering and celebration of life in america to their permeant collection along with all of the audio and video footage shot in the making of the book and film, for all to use, forever, for free.
2014 – conceptualized, wrote and pitched a t.v. to most of hollywood.
2015 – Black Magic House Blessings and Fukushima Death Curses artshow – portland – afru gallery
2015 – produced mike hunt’s bucket of hate – a 5 gallon bucket filled with most of shane’s publishing work as michael hunt publishing.
2015 – launched artwork of prophecy dot com – a site to sell shanes work both self – created and the publishing of others.
2016 – produces first edition of bugbee black magic spirit boards and planchettes
2016 – ‘From The Recliner: Between my feet and my heart. Portraits of people taken by a sad person with his furry best friend on his mind’ – a multimedia art installation on depression including audio, video, photos, chocolate bars, whiskey a couch and a recliner.
2016 – made life-sized presidential candidate voodoo dolls and tour’d them thru-out the country at galleries, skate shops and the world famous doughnut palace, voodoo doughnuts!
2016 – voodoo doughnuts made doughnut replicas of my voodoo dolls!!
2017 – what is art? live podcast and video presentation with rick shapiro – clinton theater – portland oregon