PRESS: Angry White Male Tour brings controversial artists, writers

Angry White Male Tour brings controversial artists, writers

Mark Robison
Reno Gazette-Journal
Friday May 25th, 2001

The Angry White Male Tour is coming June 1, and if you’re not offended by the name, keep reading.

What’s the Angry White Male Tour? Well, to describe it the most boring way possible, it’s a performance-art show with authors and artists, plus a tent with some exhibits.

To describe it in the most incendiary way possible, it’s metal music with vomiting, a convicted woman-beater who defends his actions, local women brawling in the ring, the only cartoonist in America jailed for obscenity, serial-killer paraphernalia (get your picture taken with Ed Gein’s tombstone!), and oh so much more.

“It’s basically a white-trash variety show kind of like Ed Sullivan,” said tour organizer Shane Bugbee, who also runs Michael Hunt Publishing.

Among the participants are:

Jim Goad: author of “The Redneck Manifesto” and creator of the infamous underground publication Answer Me (see interview on page 15)

Mike Diana: the first cartoonist in America to be jailed for his art

Boone Brothers: self-described trailer trash duo who drink beer, look at porn and comment on brawling broads

King Velveeda: cartoonist for Screw magazine

Rev. Randall Tin-Ear: editor of the underground publication Angry Thoreauean

Skitzo: metal singer who pukes green gunk at opportune moments

Bungworm: A noise-rock band in the vein of Mr. Bungle

The true-crime artifacts you can witness include clothes worn by late members of the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult, Charles Manson stuff, and serial-killer John Wayne Gacy’s last painting, showing his famous clown surrounded by the Seven Dwarves who are crying. The painting is unfinished, as Gacy was led to his execution before he was done.

And did we mention the show is being held at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch six miles from Carson City?

Actually, the show will be set up in a corral next door with bales of hay for the audience to sit on.

“We’re all starving, so we need to hit the road and try to make some money,” Bugbee said.

When asked about the possibility of protesters, Bugbee said, “We want people to come there and ask us questions. They can come hating us, but they’ll leave loving us. If they come down with an open mind and ask enough questions, we hope we can stimulate them enough about some of these topics.”

Oh, to be stimulated about these topics. One of the main topics will be the First Amendment, specifically freedom of speech.

Diana, a performance artist and creator of the comic “Boiled Angel,” won’t say what he’s going to do at the Bunny Ranch. It’s a surprise that likely will involve something to offend the religious or patriotic or both.

However, we do know that you’ll get to see a short documentary about Diana’s case, which was widely ignored by the mainstream media despite its implications for all citizens’ freedoms. His drawings were deemed obscene by a Florida court in the early 1990s. The judge ordered forced psychological counseling for drawing such illegal images, plus a fine, community service and probation. The decision also allowed police to search his home day or night without a warrant to see if his private sketchbooks contained anything not approved by the authorities. The case was appealed to the Florida Supreme Court, which let the decision stand. No doubt Diana will have comments, as well as copies of his first new comic in eight years.

Bugbee said that underground artists often only go to the big counterculture meccas like San Francisco and New York. And, indeed, the tour will stop in those places, including CBGBs in New York. But Busbee said the stuff is more directed at working-class folks than trendy hipsters, thus he thought of Reno.

“I told (underground distributor) Last Gasp we’re going to the wrong people. We don’t belong in comic book stores. We need to go to places where blue-collar people are, places where (people feel) no one gives a crap about them,” Bugbee said.

“It’s like a class thing. People who really need some inspiration are not in San Francisco, where there are only people who have lots of money or people who are begging for money. There’s no middle class.

“Jim Goad speaks to people who work for a living. He’s like a (Charles) Bukowski of this generation. I think the tour’s a big historic event, but what do I know?”

If you want to go
What: Angry White Male Tour
Who: Jim Goad, Mike Diana, Boone
Brothers, Shane Bugbee, King Velveeda, Rev.
Randall Tin-Ear, Skitzo, Bungworm and friends
When: 8 p.m.-midnight Friday June 1
Where: corral adjacent to the Moonlite
Bunny Ranch in Mound House; take Highway 50
East from Carson City; once you cross into Lyon
County, you’ll see signs at Red Rocks Road
directing you all the way there
Cost: $6
Notes: 21 and older; there will be a true-
crime exhibit and lots of publications, videos and
CDs for sale; expect much profanity and subject
matter that may be offensive

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