even in her decline she is considerate and caring

toady was a good day, cheyenne and myself were able to take a nap together. she’s a funny one and has never liked to be touched or held, she still has and has retained a bit of wild animal, even when she submits to instructions she’s not ok with, she’ll give me/us a look like, I’m only doing this due to the threat of pain or discipline. the nap was wonderful, for me.

I also understand that because of her pain and illness she needs to feel comfort and is submitting to her pain and letting me hold her… the other night I was trying to silently weep when cheyenne laid near me and laid her head on my arm… and even in her decline she is considerate and caring and tried to give comfort, and she succeeded in that moment… we pressed our heads together and read each others mind/minds. I feel very luck to be able to communicate with her like this, lucky she gifted me the knowledge of listening with my mind.

this afternoon she seems to be having issues standing, hasn’t eaten yet and seems to be worried about going outside due to the three steps leading to the back yard.

and for a moment last night we all had fun, we laughed at larry david and hung out like old times… her ups and downs are becoming more frequent.

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