press, interviews and my forsaken blog…

ok, so I’ve forsaken this here blog. lost track and forgotten it’s importance to ME. this has become a place for me to talk to me first, and then, document and/or file memories away… I would say brag, but that’s what facebook and twitter are for.

here’s some links to some of the press and interviews I’ve received and given in the last couple of months, most have been for the new book and movie (a booovie).  more book reviews and other press can be found on and at the website we have set up for our book/movie, the suffering and celebration of life in america:

Vice, weeeeee VICE interview:

Interview in pork magazine #10, read it here:

The Harvard Crimson does a nice write up:

Interview on the great KBOO:

Interview with The Gauntlet, includes audio:

Interview with

Bizzare Magazine does a review, what an honor:

Audio interview by Matt Dwyer:

Audio interview by Scott Horton:

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