I was a school shooter before school shooting was cool.

I was a school shooter before school shooting was cool.

A friend & I joked we were school shooters before school shooting was cool, I can’t help but have a fondness for the school shooter – I relate.

I’ve studied the criminal mind and more specifically, murderous youthful rage. I did this because I myself was a pretty hate filled young-man.

The perversion of the human animal takes many forms… the killer who kills for no other reason but to kill is just one of them.

The serial killer has adult tastes, usually a fetish, a repressed sexuality or guilt.  The school shooter is pure, they are honest and haven’t grown into having an adult fetish to act out against, because of this, the study of the school shooter can bring the root issues to the surface.

I had been working on a book about this very subject, but lost most of the notes is an unfortunate incident similar to a fire… Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on the matter, some from an old notebook that survived the fire, some from memory….

– Consumption and digestion of what you take in – Drugs, the doctor, the doctor’s corporate master and industry.

Giving out pills without factoring in an individual’s complete diet is an obvious problem. Of course what we eat changes our chemical make up and without considering stimulants like coffee, sugar, and the rest while prescribing drugs that alter, affect and change the mind isn’t real smart. So many consume sugar and other stimulants at the same time as taking prozac and other psychotropic drugs, and doctors, so-called food producers, and pharmaceutical companies do not want to admit that not everyone can handle the combo.

Ultimately, not everyone is meant to march, serve, and think the same way 98% of society does… the person who thinks different should be figured out, not pilled into submission.

– Parents, teachers, curators and social safety nets. Teachers are over worked, underpaid and not considered.

Teachers spend more time with your children than the school board or school administrator, yet the teacher is told what to do by the school administrator and are seldom considered when pointing out a child who needs more, whether that more is a hug, food or mental help.

Critical thought is important in a world full of really cool tools like the internet or guns or big trucks, or chemicals sold as cleaning products, or even deep fryers… We need a populace that can handle and deserves these tools.

Also, the correlation between art programs and art classes being removed from schools and the rise of school shootings is greater than age old access to guns. The very fact that art and expression isn’t part of the debate tells me we are a very fucked populace headed for a very boring and grey near future before the bright enlightened future some of us know is possible.

Maybe the school shooter is the ultimate brute/outsider artist, pure animal expression. So maybe, just maybe, society might want to re-think the importance of art in schools and art in general.

– Control through religion and capitalism and the need to be of use, and/or you NEED to be of use.

Our society has become predictable and in a way, boring… It’s the unexpected that is what life is all about and the loss of control and the unexpected is what is rare and becoming extinct. The animal inside wants to run, to achieve, not to be controlled or to be tamed, or to follow rules that benefit a fake society and it’s man made monetary system. School should be a fair playing field, a place where one can run as fast and climb as high as their mind will take them – today, access to school is access to slavery and success through submission… It is where you are trained to be of USE, to be profitable, or at least, how to survive week to week at a dead end job. It seldom offers knowledge or enlightenment any longer.

Control through religion, repression and guilt. Continually being told you are bad, or wrong for being yourself, or wanting what you want, is a control mechanism that perverts beyond simple man made laws, it makes the person question their very being.

Control and guilt will drive any animal insane, or at the very least pervert them. Religion and it’s guilt isn’t needed anymore. We need to stop with controls and let the human animal be free to act as it wishes… to climb as high as it can, and of course to accept the immediate responsibility for fucking up.

Capitalism as it is today is a cancer that has destroyed the family unit, parents are too caught up in success to be parents. TV and the internet is the baby sitter and without a parental curator a child is solidifying their fears as fact. We teach consumerism is success, and what happens when we can’t all be on the top and have all we think we want and need???

If we ALL were not so controlled we wouldn’t have the need to watch horrific news.  We’re just reliving something from our past, something within our DNA that has a need to run from a bear and to deal with a bear eating our children from when we lived in a cave and the lion was mightier than the man… The lion is obsolete, as in the elephant, man has taken over every stinking inch of the globe, it is now time to understand our past and why we crave the horror of life and try to get beyond that – I again think art is a great way to go deep within the mind, to question our motives, to understand our future.

Art and culture is part of what makes the human animal so amazing. To deny this is to deny us a future.

– Education, tools, the internet, the information age and more information.

The popularity of shooting up your school could be seen as a side effect of the information age. TV, video games, guns and the internet… all tools, but tools that demand a mind that has been trained and taught how to think critically, not how to listen and follow, but a mind that knows how to filter and understand what it’s consuming. Today, we have all the information we need to build any case we want and believe anything we’d like… end of the world? I have a link that will prove that too.

The argument that mass shootings is a white thing is out of touch, white on white hate – gang bangers of all colors shoot their guns a lot, though perhaps over a longer period, and kill and corrupt plenty… I’d almost bet, if you did the numbers, urban crime kills would be greater than that of the spree shooter.  Guns are marketed to all colors and there is no shortage of machismo or sex or both in anything marketed to the male… The only big difference is the news is white and broadcast to a white audience, the news doesn’t talk about the school shoot-outs in the colored schools, the mass shootings of black neighborhoods or latino shoot-outs at the salsa bar, but they happen and happen a LOT more than school shootings.  The skew of the news is scary, the manipulation of the human through news and entertainment is amazing… the only hope is an intelligent and truly educated populace.

All in all the question should be how does a person become so enraged that they want to take it out on others, or maybe so crazed as to believe what they are doing is a good idea?

In a sort of conclusion, we need to take education serious and school as a place that does more than train the children of the future to listen and obey… Teachers should be paid well and treated with the upmost respect… Smaller classes, shit like that.  Art classes should be mandatory, sports, not so much… You can’t groom a warrior culture through sports and expect peace in your schools/society.  On the other hand, art and expressive classes afford a child to explore their mind, fantasize and try to understand the creative side of themselves and fantasize a future, not a fate.

Sometimes people think different, they don’t fit the general curriculum, this again falls on the teacher and parent to realize the difference and find an outlet for the person who thinks different.

As I’ve said, the direct correlation between taking art our of schools and the increase in school shootings is amazing, and more in touch with a real reality vs. blaming a tool. I would also argue that the lack of respect for art and culture is in step with the horrible, void of all substance entertainment/propaganda we now feed our children.

Ok, so in double conclusion… capitalism being taken over by corporations has helped to kill off and dumb down arts and culture.

Corporations taking over society have helped re-define capitalism to monetary value being the only value. The corporations have helped make teachers baby sitters without the respect, they have made the humans function to serve the bottom line and forget about the big picture.

Some of my solutions…

Make art and culture a priority – creation over consumption… create more than you consume.

Treat our social safety nets with more respect than we ever have, not less pay, more pay for teachers, cops, fireman, social workers and those who are at eye level with societal ills.

Make parenting a priority. Prosecute and punish bad parents, hire alternative and well trained parents for the children who need them or who have inept parents… Show children you care and you can bet, they will care right back. Making parenting a priority also means making sure a person is able to provide for their children without both parents working three jobs each.

Quit with the religious based guilt. It’s ok to masturbate and fuck, and fuck the same gender and to have fun, no matter what the fun be, of course as long as it doesn’t hurt others.

Don’t only take teachers serious and treat them better, but expect more out of them, a higher educated populace, critical thought, science, arts and culture, philosophy, are all very important to teach.

Demand more out of the media, demand broadcasters become better curators, that they have a point beyond soda-pop sales and bending over for the dollar, to the corporation, demand they produce and broadcast a higher percentage of fun and educational material, and hold the parent responsible for ALL their children take in, too much junk food or too much junk T.V. Parents have to take responsibility for the person they help raise and who will soon enter society.

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