fair is fair.

when will the corporation, the man, the power brokers and ruling class take responsibility?

I accept personal responsibility, why can’t the institution do the same?

I’d like to think I’m fair, give everyone double the rope to hang themselves with and still, I don’t go for the we’re all equal shit.

I’m ok with an hierarchy and at the same time I’m ok with none… it depends on the circumstance.

the 99% protests are about a lot of things. for me it’s about negotiation. I think that’s what it’s about for the adults and legit folk joining the movement… and the talk has evolved, the environment has entered the picture, higher education is now being spoke… you say we need to use the legal system to bring down the crooks and criminals within, but that’s not being done, it’s not a reality to just ask for it, this has been proven time and time again.

the people have continued to cry out for JUSTICE, not handouts… they get the handouts, they don’t get the justice.

so, what do you naysayers have against justice?
what do those not down with the 99 have against fair?

It’s disgusting how the haters are talking a lot shit about hardworking, educated and successful individuals that have joined the 99… what once might have been a scattered hippy movement has grown and is backed by some great minds and successful, dedicated and hardworking AMERICANS… much different than how most try and cast this moment and movement away as some juggalo, anarchist rebellion.

this is about evolution, about the future… it’s not about the 60’s… it’s a different deal… I suspect the anti-99 know this.

the 1% contains what??? let me tell you… the 1% contains unimaginative, bullshit-brilliance, that has absolutely gotten america in last place overnight. they, the 1%, are wrought with insecurities, nepotism is at the heart of their insecurities, insecure to the point of greasing the pole for generations to come. the massive lack of opportunity isn’t on accident.

and let’s talk responsibility… when does the system take responsibility for what IS happening? bad rulers, bad results… and no, the blame isn’t on some talking head that plays the role of president… and I suspect you know that as well… the system is responsible for the systematic brake down, they’re the boss, they run the show… not the juggalo herd or the fake ass face man they call the commander in chief.

really, you can NOT blame the sheep… they follow…. they follow the teachers who don’t teach them, they eat the taco bell that the surgeon general says feeds them, they work uninsured and settle for less and less and lesser than less… the system needs to make right with the filth they have produced… and not thru planted pandemics and elimination.

we can regain balance thru fair opportunity and swift justice.

the dogs with the big teeth and unlimited resources have done enough damage… it’s time they were leashed at the very least… it’s time the 99% is unleashed to reach the level that each might be able to reach, to truly compete… after all, what’s wrong with giving the gig/gold to the best man/woman? competition breeds excellence.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    nepotism,youve hit the nail on the head shane, greed is good but at some point it becomes counterproductive.mindless consumnerism, they have a void that cant be filled,id be hasppy just to have the basic neccesities of life for myself and family but we cant even have that.If they want Blood they got it.

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