the ultimate sadness

I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot of stuff.. I think sensitive beings are typically the ones that need to numb themselves from the pain they feel…when i say sensitive I mean sensitive to the pain of others, the global pain… it is the ultimate sadness.

we need the sensitive ones to speak up and out in order to sooth some of that global pain…

we need them to fight for us, not cry amongst us…

we need them but they don’t need us, and so, the pain spreads and morphs into perversion and people who are gentle become harsh, the pacifist becomes violent.

and so it goes, and when I say goes I mean gone with the wind/ashes to ashes gone.

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  1. Christine Clemmons says:

    This is inspiring, Shane. I guess you can tell…I’m catching up with all your awesomeness.


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