It takes nothing to be a parent, it takes everything to be a mother/father.

today, on this mothers day, I think back fondly to all the mothers who saw my pain and reached out with a warm touch and a kind word… without them, the mothers of the earth, I’m quite certain things on this here planet would be a lot harder, meaner and just plain way more painful than it is today.

mothers day means so much more than female parents with children… there are so many who don’t have children technically or who have their own and still take on the work load of others.

so today I will send out a handful of letters to the ladies who have taken me in and shown me love, warmth and most important – worth.

to all the gals who give warmth to the cold… I love you.

and to the ones who collect the mama day’s card but shirk the responsibility that come with said card – it’s never too late to act human.

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