who’s in my new flick you ask?!?!????

for the flick I/we just finished, here’s who has made the close to final cut… of course it’s not 100% just yet, but for the most part, here’s who you can expect to see.

scott horton – radio host
ugly shyla – doll/preformance artist
john sinclair – poet/political prisoner
heather veitch – christian minister
szandora lavey – satanic minister
mike williams – musician (eyehategod)
joel peter witkin – artist/photographer
stephen fleming – artist
timothy wyllie – occultist/artist
ryen mcpherson – filmmaker/artist
william h. mcneill – historian
ian mackaye – musician (fugazi)
lonnie d. wages – musician
mark looy – creation museum
edwin kagin – atheist lawyer/author
dave archer – artist (star trek)
averse sefira – black metal musicians
jeff becerra – death metal musician

I didn’t add all of the names but I think this gives you a good idea of who’s character I’ll assassinate.

info on the film will be posted as available at http://www.ayearatthewheel.com as well as here and the bazillion other ‘networks’ I pimp on.

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