BLOG: if I had gobs of cash, I’d leave it to the elephants as a symbol that most of humanity isn’t worth it.

An Apology To Elephants

this was just OK. – I really love elephants… I see their decline as an issue of human over population, not the circus, not the zoo. I see the circus and zoo as their last hope, hell if we as a species fall while we’re holding the wild, maybe the wild will make a break and rebound…  in this film they try and make the case that the elephant suffers at the zoo, and I’d say suffering is better than being slaughtered, I mean hope is part of survival and even in the most extreme suffering, you hold out hope for better… the fact that WE THE PEOPLE all play apart in the rapid (in evolution time) change of the globe, the elephant has nowhere to go, nowhere to run, and please don’t tell me about sanctuaries and lots of land that are still wild… elephants are made to run from one end of a continent to the other.

unless a conversation about education and overpopulation and meaningless consumption can be discussed, placing blame on the zoo or circus is silly.

much like the native americans, at least the elephants can still see and meet elephants who have lived a free life in a jungle, who still speak their native tongue… most of the folks I know, from the factory workers literally chained to machines to the well off who have that perfect smile and not a care in the world haven’t a clue, we the people are like the distant offspring of the baby of the baby of the baby elephant who was born at a zoo… submissive and happy to get a sweet treat… the sweet treat is our only purpose. I think those in this doc who are so freaked out over the elephants demise must realize deep down inside they too were once free, I think that’s the base of all sides of the animal abuse coin, you hunt them because they are free as you once were and you cry for them because you long to be free as you once were.

if I had gobs of cash, I’d leave it to the elephants as a symbol that most of humanity isn’t worth it.

maybe the future holds a Jetson’s world of concrete and atmospheric bubbles we’ll live in. had I known more about this when I was younger I would have spent my life to help the elephants. at least I still have time to work on a eugenics app… one that zaps your fetus right from the smartphone.

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