tripping to train trip – portland to chicago to n.y. to l.a. to s.f. to portland to astoria oregon

I was summoned to N.Y. by a forward thinking gentleman who is looking to hire me to “create content”. he wants to rent my vibe, my style, my energy… that translates into making hype videos and audio and photos, all the while he’s picking my brian for ideas… of course I love anyone who is into my forward thinking self and is wiling to pay for my futuristic thinking and thoughts.

believe it or not I get these offers every once in a while, I entertain them less and less the older I get… this offer came at an opportune time – amy’s unemployment had just run out, job prospects were looking thin, sales are down for my books/art. combine all of that with a winter in a town who’s economy depends on tourism and summer, well, we were getting a bit worried so when the offer to head to NY for pay and possible future paid work came I took it. do not mistake my jump for coin as something I do on a regular basis, those who are close know… I would rather be homeless than jump thru the hoop or take money from someone I didn’t dig or I wasn’t totally excited with the possibilities of working with, this offer had that too.

so right after I collected the deposit for my work/travel, amy was offered a gig, a really good gig  and now I really didn’t have to go, after all, amy scored a sweet gig and I could just stay at home and tend to what little business we’ve been doing as far as the creative partnership and entrepreneurial projects we propagate and push and pimp…

amy’s new gig is good news but bad timing as we’re a creative team and work together 90% of the time… but working with and in and out of NY is something I’ve wanted before we moved to and were run out of ely minnesota… and with technology it would make it easy to live where I want and still work out of NY. so it was simple, I was now off to NY – sad and alone.

nothing like a train ride to clear your head. train tickets booked and, have I told you I love riding the rails? unlike flying – I don’t fly. well, I will fly, but there needs to be a check at the other end and it needs to be enough that will motivate me, NOW, without delay… which is why most fly, it’s a time thing, they need to get there NOW. for me, the train is the perfect, sane, and natural pace… I dig taking a week crisscrossing the country, reading and writing and observing humanity… I don’t leave the house much so three days listening to others and even joining in conversations with strangers is perfect to fulfill my need for social stimulation.

the train trip was great with the exception of amy not being with me. the seat next to me was empty for most of my travels… those who take the train know just how lucky that was.

so, I hit NY and take a petty cab to my first meeting, then head to where I’ll be staying for 10 days, a mansion in greenwich conneticut and right across the street form leona helmsley, google her, her home, her dog, you’ll get it… her place had like 8 fucking chimneys, so yea, this area is ripe with rich, like the richest in the country… the entire zipcode made me think of my time living in L.A.’s laurel canyon and it made me ill… sure, it was nice and I was treated well… but that excess is obscene to me… the mansion in which I stayed had huge outdoor sculptures and museum pieces in their fucking dining room. when I say museum pieces I’m talking masks and totems and tribal artifacts. wild.

as far as announcing the what, where, and when of my deal –  it’s still in the works and I’m still owed a bit of coin, it trickles in… we shall see if the mad genius who put my train trip to NY in motion pulls it together – if he does, I’m pretty sure you’ll hear about it from all ends and on all fronts, this is no small operation and his vision is grand.

next to the folks I met and bonded with, the deli and food was the greatest part of that time in the NY area – I really miss big city food from a big city that loves food like N.Y. or chicago does… I live in a tourist town, the pickings are slim and always overpriced. typing this I feel the need to get katzs pastrami delivered… and they do deliver all over the world… mmmmm.

heading back to the west coast on the train was extra cool, took a route I’ve never taken, one thru the southwest and up the west coast thru california and oregon… the people I sat near on the train were all smart and opinionated and we shared snacks and thoughts and laughs, the train can be a real special time and the trip back west was that.

the speaking engagements in L.A. & S.F. that were booked for my return trip would at least make the most of the time spent traveling and passing thru these big cities I see like every 5 years. both L.A. & S.F. went really well… I’ll try to elaborate in the photos I’m posting here – to define really well… folks were there, they paid to be there and they seemed to enjoy the events as well.

the L.A. gig was at a venue in the back of a comic book store, a really cool and happy and NOT UNDERGROUND venue called nerdmelt…

I’m comfortable in and at underground venues so, having an event go well in a non underground venue is still odd to me. the greatest part of the event was that rick shapiro shared the stage with me and, as always, was on fire and brilliant… it was hard for me to want to do anything but watch rick go.

there’s a recording of the L.A. event with rick shapiro and myself here:

In S.F. the event was at one of the greatest underground venues I’ve ever been – the vortex room… oh man was this room great… dreamy. the show was just as great – spoke for 3 hours and could have gone longer, hell, we did, folks stayed after and I was even offered a B.J. from a fine and very large breasted woman – btw, a B.J. is the highest form of all compliments. showed some video that a handful of folks ran from, like ran out the door… so that was cool, some like applause and compliments. me, I dig it when folks run. also, the vortex stocked four roses bourbon – a sign that they KNOW their bourbon as four roses is one of the best bourbons in the world… underrated and/or makers mark is for pussies.

I hope the photos I’m posting here, under this report, will illustrate this trip… I didn’t shoot much video, the video I did shoot I’ll edit this week and post here. for all who have asked – in the next couple of days I’ll also post the equipment, travel apps, video and audio gear I traveled and documented with.

so, in summary, I took the train from astoria to portland to chicago to n.y. to los angeles to san francisco to portlad and back to astoria oregon – came home with some coin and had a creative and fun time. I also realized that for all the events I’ve done, I usually add other artists and/or performers and I seldom get a second to express myself or do anything but sculpt a show for others to play with – I add these folks because at times I think so low of myself that I might not be engaging or whatever… I had a lot of fun telling stories and taking questions… it was a real great time sharing and communication in real time, face to face.

a HUGE thank you goes out to… jay b. ross, louis and crew, dave, lisa, matt and kelly, nerdmelt, the vortex room, charles, nikki and crew, emmett & crew, jesus & the robot, mitcz, tracy & rich shapiro, reality check TV & crew, feral audio, dustin, lady mortiis, dj creepy b, judson and the great iOgrapher.

and of course my wife and love of my life, amy.

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